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How To Refresh Your Front Porch In One Day (And A Giveaway!)

This post is sponsored by HomeRight.

Cottage front porch with screen door

Raise your hand if you’ve ever painted porch railings.

Raise your other hand if you’ve ever painted shutters.

Now keep your hands up if you didn’t absolutely hate the job.

I bet every single hand went down. All together. All at the same time.

Painting porches and shutters is hard. Really hard.

Cottage front porch with gray, white, and navy

If you haven’t done this super fun task before {sarcasm}, let me break it down for you.

You spend the entire weekend climbing up and down ladders, bending in ways your back didn’t know were possible, and carrying around a little bucket filled with paint as your hand cramps for the hundredth time while gripping the paintbrush and wishing you had never installed those forty two spindles on your railing in the first place.

And the shutters…when you finally get to them…you’re holding onto the ladder with one hand for dear life while the other hand attempts to grow six inches to reach all the tiny little slats.

Utilize various textures to make a porch feel cozy

Last year I did something stupid.

I put some beautiful little hanging baskets on my railings and stuffed them full of flowers and soil.

It looked great.

Until the soil leaked out all over my white railing.

And the hummingbird feeder got knocked down by a Hulk-Sized hummingbird monster and red juice stained the corner.

Time to repaint, I told myself.

Welcoming front porch

I teamed up with HomeRight and we discussed my plans for the project.

A simple paint refresh on the porch, shutters, and front door, as well as a new stain on the deck.

Nothing fancy.

I was fully prepared to break out the brush for a weekend and book a 90 minute massage that following Monday.

But then I met this paint sprayer.

Home Right paint sprayer makes porch painting so much easier and faster


I’ll admit, I’ve used a paint sprayer on small projects before, but nothing this large scale.

I was a little intimidated.

I taped up plastic drop cloths on the inside of the porch and planned to spray the outside first.

tape plastic drop cloths inside porch to keep paint splatters from going inside

So far so good.

As the paint dried on the porch, I hopped on the ladder and took down the shutters, cleaned and sanded them, and laid them out on another drop cloth in the driveway.

Then I removed the porch plastic, covered the floor, and painted the inside.

Cover deck floor with plastic to prevent splatters

A quick paint change in the sprayer, then I sprayed the shutters.

While they dried, I started the deck staining.

Before it got dark, I put the shutters back up.

Make sure you have a long enough extension cord before you start spraying your shutters

Yeah, you read that right.

I did all this in one day.

No paint brush was used at all.

No backaches, no neck aches, no hand cramps, no brush strokes, and no massage necessary.

Well, let’s take that last part back. I’m always down for a trip to the spa.

Finished shutters

I was so impressed with how quickly I was able to get all this done.

HomeRight definitely knew what they were doing when they recommended that sprayer.

I feel like I owe them a gift certificate to the spa now.

Stained deck

And since I loved the sprayer so much, I want to share it with you!

Update: This giveaway has closed. All links to enter the giveaway have been removed.

I’m giving away a brand new HomeRight Max Fine Finish Sprayer just like the one I used to a lucky reader.

You can enter below by giving In The New House Designs and my two close buds some love.

In the meantime, you can check out the sprayer, along with their other awesome products, at or here on Amazon.

Have you used a paint sprayer for your outdoor projects before?

Or do you go old-fashioned with a brush and roller?

And PS: Make sure you’ve subscribed to my email list because on Wednesday you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the rest of my porch project like those cute little stools and that new screen door. I had a few, um, mishaps along the way. Think broken glass and wind storms.  Trust me, you’re in for a few laughs.


This post is sponsored by HomeRight, however all opinions are my own. I only endorse products I have personally tried and recommend to my family and friends. 


  1. Hi- did you have to water down your stain any to use in the sprayer?

    • Hi Heather! Nope, no thinning necessary with paint or stain. The sprayer is really strong and it can even handle outdoor-formulated paint. Just be sure to clean it well after use to prevent clogging.

  2. I have 2 wood rocking chairs on the front porch that need to be painted. Last time I did the job with a brush. I am sure that the sprayer would make the job much easier. Your porch looks so cute.

    • Thank you so much Phyllis! Yes, a sprayer is much easier than a brush, especially on something like a rocking chair.

  3. Linda Knight

    I have a bookcase and some shutters that I want to paint and create a cabinet with the 2 of them combined.

  4. Angela Cash

    I have several furniture pieces that I would love to refinish with a sprayer. My first project would be painting a cast iron patio set that I inherited from my grandmother.

  5. Amanda Stovall

    I have a long list of projects we could use the sprayer for. Our shutters & back deck are the projects I’d start with! Thanks for the chance to win! You did an amazing job on yours by the way & how awesome that you were able to get it done so quickly too! 🙂

  6. I would paint my kitchen cabinets. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  7. If I were the lucky winner, I have a bookshelf in my basement that could definitely use an overhaul. I would love to paint it a sunny yellow color and put it in my daughter’s room.

  8. I have some outdoor furniture I would love to re-do in shades of orange and blue.

  9. I’ve always used a paintbrush– I’d love to play with a paint sprayer! 😉

  10. amy tolley

    I would use this to spray our new privacy fence being put in….

  11. Julie Spear

    Your porch makeover turned out great!!!! everything looks so fresh and new, perfect for Spring… If I won one of these Homeright Paint Sprayers, I have SO MANY things I need to paint, I have a garage full of hoarded furniture that I am slooooooowly refinishing, and my home exterior could definitely use some spruce ups just like the ones you did…I had no idea you could use this sprayer for these kinds of jobs – that is SO COOL!!! I would spray my concrete porch/patios, outdoor furniture, my barn in the back yard, the list goes on and on!!! But so much faster with the Homeright sprayer, right????

    • Oh my goodness Julie, you have a giant list of projects! You’re right, it would take you all summer to get all that done with a brush. Good luck!

  12. I would like to completely redo my planters! I have a small outdoor space so I like to use a variety of colors and patterns to accent what I have!

  13. Kaye Newman

    I would use this sprayer to paint my bathrooms and hallways.

  14. Sandra gandy

    wow! your porch looks amazing, and the paint sprayer definitely sounds like the way to go. I am dreading painting my back deck, but with the sprayer, it doesn’t sound so daunting.

  15. Wow, what a great tool. I have 2 porches and steps that really need painting this year. And then there are several sets of shutters. Plus the front of my workshop and the the facing around the huge door. I would also like to paint some wooden chairs and 2 small chests. Whew! I am tired just listing all this.

  16. We have A LOT of painting to do here and are looking at sprayers! Will have to check this guy out if I don’t win!?

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