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I Tried Cricut’s New Machine Tool Organizer

How many times have you lost a Cricut machine blade tip, searched around the house for two hours, put on real pants, drove to the craft store, bought a whole new blade and housing, came home, put back on your sweatpants, then step on something sharp in the rug in your craft room? Ugh, so THAT’S where it was! I feel ya, it’s a crafters struggle for sure. So when I got an email from my friends at Cricut asking if I wanted to try out a blade organizing container, you KNOW I was all over that!

I’m a sucker for organizing containers anyway, especially specialty ones for teeny tiny things. Throw in one that will keep those tiny things from slicing my toe when they get lost in a rug and I’m double-in!

The New Cricut Machine Tool Organizer

The new Cricut Machine Tool Organizer is so perfect for not just someone who has a full-on craft room, but also the crafters that store their stash in a rolling container under the bed in their one-room apartment.

I could keep *telling* you about it, or I could just *show* you. I’m guessing you want to see it in action anyway, so let’s get this typing nonsense out of the way and pop over to the IGTV vid I filmed instead.

I turned on the camera in my very messy and very unpacked crafting space in my new home, unboxed the Cricut Machine Tool Organizer, and tried it out for the first time all while the camera was rolling. This is a very raw, unscripted, and totally unplanned video, because I wanted to invite you to take part in experiencing this new product with me. We open it together, figure it out together, and you get to see my real-life reaction as I see how cool it really is.

Ready for some real-stagram? Here we go!

Share Your Thoughts!

Well? What do you think? Do you love it or do you think it’s unnecessary? I want to hear your thoughts, good or bad, below in the comments.

And I also want to know how you’ve been storing your Cricut machine blades so far, because I’m interested to hear what’s been working for you before Cricut launched this organizer. Time to dish!


  1. Overpriced. There’s a nice blade AND TOOL organizer on Amazon for $16.

    • Lela Burris

      Oh cool! I’ll have to check that out. Although I do have to say that the quality of this tool organizer is definitely worth $30. The materials and way it’s made is really great.

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