Hey There, Fella!


Hey Mister Soon-To-Be Organized-As-Hell!

I guess you’ve probably noticed that I talk a lot to the ladies. Pretty much all my content literally refers to women. But don’t let that deter you from hanging with me. No matter how many times I say Mama or Sista or Girlfriend, I promise my advice, tips, and tutorials will work just as well for you, too.

I primarily work with women, so that’s why I talk directly to them on my site. But you are SO welcome here, and I love having dudes chill with me on my blog and engage with the crowd on Insta.

So if you’re cool with just disregarding all the chick names, and mentally inserting your own name into that spot instead, I would be so grateful to have you stick around.

Have an Organizing Q? Hit me up in my segment Ask Lela and I may feature your question on the blog with a rockin’ answer to help you and all the other dudes that stalk my site. [Oh, you thought you were the only one?]

And if you ever have a dude-Q that you’d rather ask a man, but still want a true Organized-ish answer, you can email my brother Brad, who runs the tech side of my biz. Trust me, he’ll be so glad to hear from a man, especially since 99% of the time he’s dealing with our lady readers.  brad{at}lelaburris{dot}com