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8 Instagram Hashtags To Spark Inspiration

The Instagram World Of Home Decor

As much as I love Pinterest for inspiration, lately I’ve been turning to Instagram quite often. Wait, don’t judge. Give it a chance. IG isn’t just teenage girls duck-facing their OOTD anymore.

There’s actually a huge community of home decor enthusiasts sharing their home and the homes they crush on. But the big difference between IG and Pinterest is Instagram users make it so easy to find the pieces they decorate with.

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You CAN Be A Copycat!

On Pinterest, you could find a fantastic photo, love a pillow on a gorgeous chair, and scavenge the internet for hours trying to track it down. On Instagram though, users usually tag the brands of their decor. That means you can click directly on the brand that sells the pillow, then click the link to their website, buy that little beauty, and pop it on your own gorgeous chair in your own house.

And if sources aren’t tagged, most people on Instagram are more than happy to reply to a comment asking where it was found.

I really love how connected the home decor community is on IG. And I also love scrolling through the hashtags for inspo.

There are tons of weekly and monthly tags floating around with some really great photos and users, but today I want to highlight eight of the more “evergreen” tags. They are constantly running, don’t have certain post days, and are jam-packed with so many pretty rooms to get your next project brainstorm off the ground.


1. #sodomino

This tag is created by Domino Magazine, known for it’s stunning featured homes. Domino asks IG users to share their own homes using the #sodomino tag to showcase their own personal style. A lot of high profile designers contribute to this tag so you’ll definitely get a full dose of heart-eyes every time you scroll through.


2. #designsponge

So you’ve probably heard of (and are possibly obsessed with) the Design*Sponge website. This tag is created by the site and like Domino, they encourage you to share your spaces and use their tag for chances to be featured. #designsponge is one of my favorites when I’m looking for inspiration because it doesn’t focus on one specific design style. It gives me the ability to see styles I normally wouldn’t have even considered.


3. #mycuratedaesthetic

This is a really great tag for eclectic design lovers. As the name suggests, the photos are truly curated spaces filled with a variety of pieces hand selected by the homeowner. These aren’t perfectly styled spaces in staged real estate, they’re real life houses with the things the owner really loves. If you’re a collector, #mycuratedaesthetic is right up your alley.


4. #the_real_houses_of_ig

The majority of these homes look like what you see in your Pinterest boards. And they probably are the exact same ones. But like I said before, the awesome thing about IG is sources can be (and usually are) tagged within the photo. #the_real_houses_of_ig is the way to go if you’re looking to swoon over gorgeously styled spaces and see where these awesome designers shop.


5. #homewithrue

This is another magazine tag, created by Rue Magazine. It’s also a non-style-specific tag, so it’s the perfect starting point to building your own style. I always suggest to people who are looking to build their personal design style to look at a variety of decor and see what stops your scroll. #homewithrue is a good place to do a little homework.


6. #lovewhereyoudwell

Oh boy, this is my absolute fave. When I’m waiting my turn for an appointment or killing time before a dinner reservation, I always find myself scrolling through #lovewhereyoudwell. It isn’t just perfectly styled rooms, it’s more of a real-life kind of thing. There may be a room with dog toys scattered on the floor, and another with a sweet little kiddo making a pillow fort. People share their homes (and they’re definitely beautiful, even when they’re messy) but also how they live in them.

7. #mydecorvibe

This is a good one for shopping. #mydecorvibe photos tend to highlight rooms filled up with all kinds of pretties, and most make it very easy to find them all. If I’m looking for a new decor accessory, this is where I’d start. It’s also a very colorful hashtag, so if you love color and are bored with the mass array of neutral photos on IG, this one’s a nice change of pace.


8. #pocketofmyhome

I just recently found this one, and I’m sad I didn’t know about it sooner. It’s a stunning collection of all kinds of styles, rooms, and personalities. There are lots of dark moody rooms and deep wood tones, and I’m totally crushing on all of them.

What’s Your Favorite?

Your turn! What are your favorite Instagram hashtags that are your go-to inspiration points? I love finding new tags and accounts to follow, so I can’t wait to hear your comments!

And follow along with me on IG @inthenewhouse to see what’s new at my house as well as some fabulous featured inspo from accounts I love.

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