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International Women’s Day with the Organized*ish Community

Sunday, March 8 is International Women’s Day, and instead of giving you another post about spring cleaning, Cricut projects, or my favorite Real Housewife’s latest rant, I’m celebrating with the realest ladies of all, the ones in the Organized*ish community. I reached out to nine amazing readers and friends to hear what makes them such remarkable women, and more importantly, what makes them feel Organized*ish.

Deb @beaconvalleyhome

What’s your occupation? I’m an insurance agent.

Who shares your home with you? My husband, two adorable dogs, and three cats

I feel Organized*ish when my meals are planned for the week and my grocery shopping is completed.

Corey @revealmydiy

What’s your occupation? My 9-5 is in banking. Blog at

Who shares your home with you? My hubby of almost 20 years, my old and grumpy Chihuahua Dolce and the few plants I try desperately to keep alive!

I feel Organized*ish because I use my iPhone calendar and reminders to stay on top of deadlines the best I can.

Allison @alleecatdesigns

What’s your occupation? I own a small furniture refinishing business called Allee Cat Designs. I operate from home, doing custom orders and also pieces of my own design which I sell in a booth in a store here in my town.

Who shares your home with you? I live with my husband, Kyle and 3 fabulous dogs who work on rescuing me – Toby, age 11, Tank, age 5, and Nala age 1. I have two grownish boys, Joshua, age 22 and Jonah age 19 who live together here in town, one in college, the other working while he figures life out.

I feel Organized*ish when my shop/garage is in order. I cannot work well or be creative when it’s a mess out there. I have a lot of extra furniture inventory and since space is premium, all of my supplies need a logical place. Once I finish a project, I have to have a reset time when everything gets put back away and cleaned up before I get started again.

Sandra (My Mom!)

What’s your occupation? I’m a middle school science and social studies teacher.

Who shares your home with you? My son, three cats, and ten plant babies.

I feel Organized*ish when I look at my silverware drawer. It’s divided, so I know exactly where my forks, knives, and spoons go.

Kellie @metals.and.magnolias

What’s your occupation? I’m an Interior Designer by degree and passion and Social Media Strategist for money (I work for Shoebacca, an online shoe company) Blog at

Who shares your home with you? The love of my life (We just celebrated 20 years of marriage!), my 17-year-old daughter (Madison) and 13-year-old son (Anderson)

I feel Organized*ish because I can’t breathe when my house isn’t organized!!! I clean out all closets and drawers every six months, and I like everything in rows and baskets (small…medium…large).

Megan @thehomesihavemade

What’s your occupation? I’m a stay at home Mom and Organizing & Crafting Blogger at

Who shares your home with you? My hubby and three sons, ages 8, 3, and 6 months.

I feel Organized*ish when I remove the packaging! From pantry items to toilet paper to office and craft supplies…get rid of the bulky packaging to save space and easily see your stock at a glance.

Jamie @jamiemcclard

What’s your occupation? I’m an online wellness coach, with special interest in working with plus size clients and those starting from scratch!

Who shares your home with you? My house is filled with two pitbulls, a cat, and a husband. We often have raccoons outside by my husband won’t let me bring them in.

I feel Organized*ish when I have a list! Things to do today, goals for the week, details for what to do in each room – all of it. The smaller bites I can break a task down into, the more manageable it feels. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Nicole @sweet_domicile

What’s your occupation? I’m a stay at home mom and influencer.

Who shares your home with you? My hubby, son, furry pup, and lots of plant babies.

I feel Organized*ish because making sure that everything has a home helps keep our small space tidy. It also helps to clean up little bits each day.


What’s your occupation? I’m a high school attendance secretary.

Who shares your home with you? My hubby and two boys, 14 & 11 and my lizard Beansyoncé

I feel Organized*ish when I know that when I’m not home any one of my guys can call me and I can verbally guide them to exactly where something is, because it’s been organized and everything is in its place, and they don’t have to wade through tons of clutter to find things. I am a ruthless declutterer and drop things at the local thrift store once a week.

I believe firmly in the rule of “one thing in, two things out.” You’re not using something? Get rid of it. Empty space is ok! I am trying to teach my boys the importance of moments and memories over things. That it’s ok to be sentimental but you don’t have to keep every little thing. They both have tidy rooms and don’t hold on to clutter.

Thanks to [Lela] I have organized cupboards and drawers because I repurpose boxes as organizers. For years I didn’t organize things because I wanted everything Pinterest perfect. So it just didn’t happen. [Lela has] taught me that things don’t need to be Pinterest perfect, they just need to be perfect for our home and my family. And that makes me feel very organized-ish!

Thank you, ladies!

See what an incredible community you’re a part of? That’s only nine people, but they have regular jobs with regular lives, and great tricks to organize their homes and lives.

If you’re a lady –or anyone with women in your life– know that you are worth everything and more, today and always, and there’s definitely more than one way to be Organized*ish.

Happy International Women’s Day. We invite you to share what makes YOU feel organized*ish in the comments below to keep the conversation going and celebrate your unique perfect self. 🙂

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