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How To Make Your Own Printables Using PicMonkey

Pretty Easter Tray For A Breakfast For Two

If you’ve downloaded any of my recent printables lately, you’ve noticed they are a lot fancier than my old ones.

Back in the olden days of me being a blogging newbie, I made all my printables on a text editing program.

And I thought it was just fine.

Until I saw printables from other bloggers.

And let’s face it, mine were…well, boring.

But then I found PicMonkey.

I was making Pinterest pictures and post covers and printables and framed art for my house in no time at all.

And I’ve never looked back.

So many of you have downloaded my recent Paint Selection worksheet and I’ve gotten tons of emails asking how I made it.

I’m here to share that secret today.

I made both of these printables in six minutes.

Spring Is In The Air

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I promise, it’s not hard at all.

You can have your own printable in literally minutes.

Here’s how!


It all starts here at PicMonkey.

This is where all the magic happens.

To make a printable for framing, click DESIGN, then choose your frame size.

Easy, right? No panic attacks yet?



Here’s where you end up.

A blank canvas.

Take a minute to click around and get acquainted.

We’re going to start with something basic.

Think of it as the kiddie pool.


Pop in some text.

There are lots of great fonts that are totally free.

There’s also a paid membership that unlocks all the fonts.


Now’s the fun part.

Dress it up a little!

Play around with the overlays.

There are sooo many options!

Feeling ok with it so far?

Want to graduate to the big girl pool?

Stay in the shallow end for a little while longer, though.

We’re only halfway there.


New canvas.

But you want to use a photo for your background.

Don’t get nervous. You can do this.

Head over to the OVERLAY tab and click YOUR OWN.

Here you will upload any photo saved on your computer.

Then adjust it to size.


Now those flowers are pretty and all, but they sure are bright.

There’s no way you could read text over them.

So we need another overlay.

Click on GEOMETRIC, then the first rectangle.

Shape to size, then change the color and adjust the transparency.


Now throw in some text.

Something like a quote or song lyric or “Lela wins every day.”

Hey, just giving you ideas.

(PS: If you make a printable that says Lela Wins Every Day, you’ll be my best friend for life. And I want to see it. Seriously.)


Once you have everything in place and you’re so excited to frame your masterpiece, click save it at the top of the editing page.

You’ll end up here.

For framing purposes, it’s best to choose SEAN.

It’s a big file size, but it prints very well.

For online use only, the PIERCE works great.

Save that puppy to your desktop, pull it up in your favorite program, print it, and enjoy.

And that’s it.

It’s time.

Time to take off those arm floaties and jump off the diving board into the deep end.

You’ve got this.

Oh and hey Printable Pro, I totally want to see your masterpieces!

When they’re framed and looking gorgeous on your walls, snap a pic and show me on Instagram @inthenewhouse.

I’ll be so proud.

For more information on PicMonkey, check them out here.

Right now they have a special promotion running for one free month of premium membership, and trust me, the premium stuff is really cool and totally worth it.

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