Smooth Move Series

The Number One Thing To Do For A Smooth Moving Day

Learn this simple but effective moving day hack to make the transfer of your furniture and boxes go as smoothly as possible.

We have moved 3 times in 6 years, and the last move was the smoothest transition I’ve ever experienced. The moving company talked with me over the phone ahead of time and told me “the more organized you are, the easier it will be for us and the cheaper it will be for you.” I wasn’t going to brag, but I’m pretty damn organized. I figured I’d just show him instead. On the day of our move, things went as smoothly as they possibly could (aside for it not all fitting in the truck and having to make a second trip). And I attribute that smooth move to this single hack I pulled off that made our moving crew thank me multiple times.

labels for moving furniture

Label Your Furniture And Rooms

Sure, you’ve labeled all the boxes. It’s basically instinct to do this. But labeling your furniture is next-level organization. And so appreciated by moving crews. In order to not damage the furniture, I used Painter’s Tape and stuck a piece on each piece with a Sharpie handwritten label of which room it would go in.

Then I put a door tag on every single room of the house. That tag had the name of the room, along with the listed furniture items that belonged in there. The movers could follow the map I taped to the entry doors, verify the room title on the door tag, and verify the room label on the piece of furniture.

This worked out better than great, and our movers kept going on and on about how helpful that was.

moving door tag

Want To Copy My Door Tags?

You can make your own door tags just by writing on a piece of paper and taping it to the doors of each room, but if you want to save time and just print some out, I have included the ones I used in my Printable Moving Planner Kit. Just cut them out and pop them on the door knobs. 🙂


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    Wow you were so organized and I love your hack!

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