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My Happy Place

Writing desk from Target

This is where it all happens.

Every post.

Every Inspiration Thursday.

Every comment.

Every Market product update.

Every email.

My desk.

I didn’t always have this desk.

Before it found it’s home in front of my living room window, back when it was living in a box on the shelf at Target, I wrote my blog posts on the couch.

But with a husband, an 8 year old, a dog, and two cats, the couch got pretty crowded.

I needed a space of my own.

White and gold lamp from Target

So one super rainy day we brought home this simple writing desk.

Hubby put it together in about five minutes (because he’s awesome) and put it in front of the window.

I pulled up my comfy chair, draped it with a cozy blanket, and just sat.

Writing desk in front of window

I watched the neighbor carry in groceries.

I watched a couple of birds chase each other around.

I watched a dog walk a lady up and down the road.

No, that’s not a typo. You know you’ve seen it before.

Pet Bed under writing desk so you can work with your furry friends

This desk is my happy place.

I talk to my friends here.

I talk to you here.

And with the pet bed nearby, I always have one of my furry blog assistants by my side.

Look closely and you might find a toy mouse.

(They’re pretty much in every other square foot in the house.)

Store laptop inside desk drawer to keep it out of sight

And since the desk is in the living room, I store my laptop inside the drawer when it’s not in use.

The desk has so many roles.

Sure, it’s where I work.

But it’s also where we drop our keys.

And it’s where some pretty awesome kid-artwork is created.

And it turns into the appetizer table at every party.

And Anakin thinks it’s his own personal window perch.

Place for dropping keys at front entry. Alternative to hanging them.

But above all, it’s my happy place.

Best hundred dollars I’ve ever spent.

Where’s your happy place at home? Is there a spot that instantly makes you feel peaceful?

And just curious, do you have a pet that assumes every piece of furniture was purchased for them?

That whole “Everything the light touches is my kingdom” kind of pet?

I can’t be the only one with animals like that.


  1. No matter where it is, it’s good to have a happy place.

  2. Sandra gandy

    love your post. I have cats that know that they are the rulers of the house. we, as mere humans, just stay here to take care of their every need.?

  3. My desk is also my happy place. It’s where I both work and play, and it makes my room have a more professional look to it. Also, yes, my cats are of the “everything the light touches is [mine]” variety! I love your reference to that!

    • Haha, I love that Brad. Desks sometimes get a bad reputation in rooms because they provoke thoughts of work instead of relaxation but I think it’s all about your attitude. For people like us that enjoy work, a desk isn’t a bad thing at all.

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