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Should You Take Notes On Your Phone?

Keeping notes on your phone can definitely be a huge help. It’s a great way to jot down thoughts that quickly come and go, which can be a lifesaver in this fast-paced working mama world of ours. But though it may be a convenient way to collect your thoughts, if you aren’t careful your reminders can get lost in a sea of random mess. Next thing you know, you’ll spend 20 minutes scrolling through the archives looking for that song you heard on the radio but forgot to download.

In my personal opinion, I think keeping notes on a cell phone really is a good idea. But you have to be diligent about moving those notes into your calendar or to-do list and taking action on them. Otherwise you’ll end up with a giant cluttered list of stuff that you won’t even have time to go through.

Best Practices For Digital Notes:


Decide whether you like written or voice notes better and only use that one. Keeping memos in two places is hard to keep up with and things are bound to get lost and forgotten.


Set up folders within your preferred Note app to keep things categorized and organized. This is especially helpful for saving web links, directions, music to download, and event notes.


Put a (*) in front of headlines that are a high priority. Seeing that star every time you open the app will remind you of the important memo and urge you to do whatever it is you felt was a priority in the first place.

Take Action

Take time once a week to go through all your notes and schedule/file/take action. If it was important enough to write it down, it must be important enough to carry out. If you find notes you don’t think are worth keeping anymore, go ahead and trash them.


Make sure your Notes app backs up to a cloud regularly. The worst thing that could happen is your app crashes or your phone ends up in a toilet and all those important reminders are gone in an instant. Plus, you can access the cloud from your computer, so if you were noting something you wanted to send in an email or write as a blog post, you can pull it up and copy/paste.


After a note is scheduled or action has been taken, delete it from your phone. This keeps things from getting cluttered or adding confusion on what has been taken care of and what hasn’t. Plus it keeps your digital storage space down, leaving more room for gym music!

how to keep notes on your phone organized

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