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Organization Tips For Crafters

Learn the top 10 tips to help you organize your own craft space no matter the size of room or budget you have.

I’ve been a self-proclaimed crafter my whole life, but when I started my partnership with Cricut two years ago, my craft game leveled up to tier 1000. I’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff, and require a lot more space than ever before. I started with a small closet and have evolved into a full-blown 500 square foot studio that’s STILL bursting at the seams.

With all this experience as a crafter myself, along with organizing countless craft rooms for my clients, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to storing all your supplies. Today I’m rounding up my top ten tips for crafters to organize all their stuff, no matter how big (or small) your space is.

My Top Craft Storage Tips:

1. Don’t keep things you don’t use or need, just because you think a crafter should have it. Set up a supply swap with other crafty friends to trade materials and tools you don’t need for things you will actually put to use.

2. Do a monthly inventory and purge session. This keeps your storage space clean and tidy, but also refreshes your mind on what you are low on or have an abundance of. Also, be on the lookout for dirty/crusty tools to clean, crumpled papers stuffed behind things, and dried up markers and glue.

3. Be realistic with your storage. Sure, it looks cute to have 12 jars lined up on a shelf with 12 different colors stored separately, but girl, you’re wasting so much space! You could keep those same 12 colors of buttons in zip-top bags inside one small container.

4. Keep your most-used items chest/stomach level. Constant reaching and bending is enough to kill your energy. And an unexpected craft supply avalanche will knock out any creative juices you had flowing.

5. Store by category, but YOU choose the categories. Don’t do the same thing Susie shared on Instagram. She may store things by shape and size, and that may not work for you at all. Maybe you like to store things by function or project use. Just know that craft supply organization is extremely personal, it’s on the same level as how you store your undies. So do what works for YOU.

6. Get battery operated led lights. You can buy a pack of them on amazon for super cheap, and snag some off-brand AAA batteries from the dollar store on your way home from work. These LED lights come with adhesive foam tape so you can literally stick them anywhere. They make closets, cabinets, cube shelves, and even big bins so much easier to find things.

Lela Burris Craft Closet for Cricut Maker

7. Shoe organizers are your friend! Most craft supplies are pretty small, and larger containers aren’t suitable for them. To avoid a hot mess of nonsense, pop these bad boys on the doors of your craft space (or nail them to a wall if you don’t have a door) for 24 tiny cubbies of all your smallest things. Make sure you get the clear ones so you can actually see what’s inside. No need for labels.

8. Store scrapbook paper in accordion files. You can separate by categories and nothing will ever get bent.

9. Keep butcher paper rolls on hand to line tables for easy cleanup. Also plastic painters drop cloths ($1 at dollar general) to line floors. Even if you don’t mind if your floors get dirty, it eliminates the cleanup time.

10. Clean up after every session. Even if you don’t put everything away, just cleaning up your trash and straightening your supplies will make you more willing to pick up where you left off next time.

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