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Easy Hack For Organizing Charging Cords

Learn how to label and organize your charging cords using basic office supplies you already have on hand at home.

Cords are SO messy, huh? Nothing looks more cluttered than a wad of charging cords piled on the counter or stuffed in the corner of your desk drawer. Don’t think you need to spend money on expensive cord organizers, because you can DIY your own for zero dollars and zero cents using some supplies you’ve already got in your junk drawer.

Ready to get crafty AND organized*ish?

diy cord organizers with binder clips

DIY Charging Cord Labels With Binder Clips

What You Need:

  • Large and Extra Large Binder Clips
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Fine Point Pen or Sharpie Pen

How Long Will It Take?

Approximately 1 minute per label. Basically faster than you could even find cord labels on Amazon and read one single review.

cord binder clips with washi tape

How To Make Binder Clip Charging Cord Organizers

  1. Roll cord into a circle, then grip the circle together in the middle to bunch it up.
  2. Clasp the middle of the cord bunch with a binder clip of appropriate size.
  3. Pull off enough washi tape to fit on the flat part of the binder clip.
  4. Write your cord label text on the washi tape.
  5. Stick tape on the flat part of the binder clip.
  6. Repeat for the rest.
store cords and batteries in caddy

Where To Store Your Bound Cords?

I like to keep mine in this little craft container I got from Target, and the top half holds our batteries. You can store them anywhere now that they’re all bound together in clips and won’t make a huge mess.

Some good storage places are in a divided section of your junk drawer, desk drawer, or nightstand. Or a basket in your family room would also be ideal.

Want More DIYs?

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