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How To Organize A Small Laundry Closet

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve probably seen the Love Your Small Laundry Space post from my second month of blogging. I was just a baby then. I had no idea what I was doing when it came this internet stuff. But I kept on posting in hopes that I’d eventually get the hang of it. And even though the photography was horrible, and the lighting was really bad, it blew up on Pinterest. I was so excited and overwhelmed and nervous and happy. All at once. It’s still in my top viewed posts every single month.

**UPDATE! We moved again! Click here to see our newest laundry room makeover, and spoiler alert, it’s tiny, too!**

When we moved out of our rental I was so ready for a real laundry room. One with counters and cabinets and a sink and a mudroom style bench with hooks. But what did I get? Another laundry closet.

Laundry Closet

I eventually plan to build on to the house and add that big ol’ mud room, so I didn’t want to put too much work into this closet. But it just wasn’t working for me the way it was. That one wire shelf was pretty much useless.

So I picked up another closet kit (this one, to be exact) just like the one I used in my master closet.

Super functional small laundry closet remodel on a budget

What a huge difference! Now there’s a place for everything and it’s so much more functional.

Laundry Closet Shelving

The track shelving allows me to change the layout any time I want.

Specific place for laundry baskets in small laundry closet

And I love having a designated space for the laundry basket.

Missing sock basket for laundry closet

I’ve still got the lost sock basket hanging on the wall just like at the old house. I tried switching it out for one of those cute wooden signs at Hobby Lobby with the clothespins. You know, the ones with the sayings like “Searching for my sole mate” and “Single and Looking”? Yeah…we lose a lot of socks. Three little clothespins just didn’t cut it. Back to the ol’ basket.

Store laundry pods in a candy jar

Detergent pods are kept in a glass candy jar for easy access. It totally beats looking for the bag, opening the bag, digging out two, sealing the bag, then throwing it down somewhere to search for it again later. And it looks pretty stinkin’ adorable, too.

Slim rolling cart for small laundry space

I’ve still got that narrow rolling cart. Best $35 dollars I’ve ever spent. Obviously you guys loved it too because I got emails from a bunch of you sharing how much you love yours. If you don’t have one yet (because you definitely should) you can get one here on Amazon.

Trash can alternative for a small laundry closet

I think this little trash {basket} can is my favorite part of the whole closet. There’s no room for a real trash can in there. And I searched high and low for a cute wall-mounted trash can and never found anything. So I put a small trash bag in an old basket I found stuffed in a corner in my garage. Ta-da! The prettiest trash can of all trash cans.

Small laundry closet with converted bifold doors

The bifold doors got a super quick conversion to French doors to allow for extra storage and easier access to the dryer.

Laundry Closet with converted bifold doors for added pantry storage

Now I can store all our water bottles and snack items here. Hidden safely away from my candy-addicted 8 year old. He never goes near the laundry area. He’s afraid I’ll ask him to help me fold clothes and towels.


Do you have a laundry closet? If you do, how do you keep yours organized?

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  1. Naomie Moore, Castaic, CA

    Well done! Just wish I had a laundry closet! Why they build houses without mudrooms and proper laundry rooms is beyond me. Guess they want the square footage for the home itself.

    • I totally agree Naomie! I’d give up some square footage for a laundry room any day! I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself if I had an actual mudroom. Although I’d probably just find somewhere else in the house to complain about how small it is instead. Haha!

  2. Hi amazing and very creative!! How do you make bifold doors into French doors! Absolutely love the look!

    • Brad Gandy

      Hi Terri! It’s very easy, just remove the front half of the doors from the track, use straight metal brackets to secure the doors flat, then add a magnet system at the top of the doors to keep them closed. 🙂

  3. Hello, You rocked the laundry make-over. I am the queen of small space utilization and you have used yours to the max. Just another cute sign for your sock basket : Lost Soles. Kudos to you!

  4. Jeanne Martin

    Wow! What a transformation! To anyone living with those dreaded wire shelves…I found an easy, cheap solution to dealing with the “balancing” act or “tip-over” problem. Anyone dealing with these wire shelves will definitely underetand what i am referring to. Everything either tips over, leans to one side or is somehow not able to stand up straight & tall. I like things to be organized and neat. Simply measure your wire shelves (width & depth). Go to either Home Depot or Lowe’s and purchase their smaller/ thinner “hobby wood” boards as close to the fit you need. These stores will also cut wood to size for free (at least 1 or 2 cuts for free). Go home and place your new boards on top of your wireless shelves. Problem solved! Everything stands up great. I left mine natural as I will probably use them in a future project but you could stain or paint as desired. Easy peasy!

  5. I had the same problem with my small laundry room. My front loading washer and dryer had space on top, but it was useless. My husband put a small kitchen base cabinet between the washer and dryer and then we purchased a simple interior door, unfinished without hardware from Lowes for about $30.00. We stained and varnished the door in a natural color to match the cabinet and then put it on top of the washer and dryer and viola! I had a very nice flat surface for my laundry baskets. You could also buy a piece of countertop, but you’d want to check the instrument panel of your washer and dryer if it comes with an overhang. The door and cabinet gave the space a very “finished” feel.

  6. Leslie Sherman

    Where can you buy a narrow rolling cart?

  7. really wonderful use of wire shelving. My husband installed a cabinet and wood shelves in ours which works well, but this is great organization!

  8. Sandra gandy

    it is amazing . I love how you put the hanging organizers on the door.

  9. It looks soooo wonderfully organized! I wish I had a laundry closet. I also wish our washer and dryer were on the main floor 😉

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