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How To Organize That Black Hole Of A Purse

Learn how to declutter and organize your purse, along with tips to keep it from getting messy again with these easy hacks.

You know that feeling when you need a pen to sign the check at the restaurant, but the server didn’t leave one, and you know you have one in your purse but you’ll either A: Never find it without dumping out your bag on the table or B: potentially have your hand eaten off by the monster that lives deep inside it? Listen up Mama, I don’t know who told you that lugging around a jam-packed 15 pound free-weight with a shoulder strap was how women are supposed to live, but that advice is just plain wrong.

If you’re stuck in the endless rut of wrappers, crushed makeup, random dog toys, and MIA pens, it’s time you tame that black hole of a purse. I promise, it’s easier than you think, and here’s how.

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1. Dump It All Out

I mean all of it. The pockets, the pouches, the zipper sections, the glasses cases, the containers, the Russian Doll equivalent of mini purses inside…dump it all out. The best place to do this in on your dining room table or your bed, preferably covered with a big ol’ towel. This may get messy…

2. Grab 3 Sheets Of Paper, A Marker, And A Trash Can

Label those sheets of paper with the following words:

  • “Every Day”
  • “Sometimes”
  • “Rarely”

And obviously the trash can is for trash. You knew that already, but just in case you’re as sarcastic and snarky as I am, I better throw that in.

3. Get To Sorting!

Pick up each individual item and put it on the sheet of paper that most accurately describes it. Don’t take a lot of time on this, just go with your gut. If something is trash, go ahead and trash it immediately.

And if you know in your heart of hearts that you don’t actually need this in your purse at all, don’t categorize it. Just throw it over your shoulder into the floor and hope it doesn’t hit the cat on it’s way down. [Kidding, kind of]

4. Group Small Items Together In Pouches

Try to keep like-items together for easy finding, and contain little stuff in zippered pouches like these cuties from Society6 so they don’t all end up in the bottom of your bag like a Lego mine-trap. Moms of Boys, you know what I mean!

Some examples would be beauty products all together in a pouch, and first aid/safety stuff in a pouch. And if you carry kid treats and dog treats in your purse, better keep those in separate spots…speaking from experience…

5. Keep It Up Monthly

Here’s the kicker. Did you hate doing this? Were you annoyed about how much crap you had in your purse? Are you annoyed just by reading this post and you officially don’t even want to tackle your monster of a bag now? Good. That’s the motivation you need to keep your bag in check.

Set a reminder in your phone every week, two weeks, or month (whatever works best for you, or depending on how quickly your bag gets out of hand) to go through and declutter it again.

As long as you’re frequently getting rid of the random stuff that sneaks in, you shouldn’t have to have an all-out trash session like this one ever again.

how to organize your purse

Bonus Tips…

…on bag size and style:

If you’re a serial hoarder, get a smaller purse. The less space you have will prevent you from piling more stuff inside. And opt for one that has multiple pockets and storage spaces.

…for the chick that needs “all the things”:

If you have a lot of small random things, try switching to multipurpose items. Instead of having nail clippers, tweezers, a nail file, and a small knife, get a Swiss army style beauty tool that has all of that combined. You can do the same for pen/pencil combos with whistles and flashlights built in, and mini first aid kits.

…for the woman that isn’t really into purses at all:

If you aren’t really a purse kind of girl but you carry one “just in case” opt for a clutch style wallet. I use this one and if I don’t feel like carrying my bag into a store or the movies, I can just take out this wallet and it’s got all that I need inside. Plus it looks cute when carrying alone and it even holds my phone.

wallet organization

Ready To Get Started?

I’m setting the timer right now Girlfriend! Stop your Instagram scrolling, pause your Netflix binge, and let the laundry hang out in the drawer just a little longer. I’m officially challenging you to go declutter your purse right now and get it over with.

Want to inspire other women to let go of the mess in her own black hole of a purse? Share your before and after photos on Insta with #lelaimorganizedish and I’ll shout you out for the whole world to see!

You’ll get handclaps and heart eyes for days to keep you motivated to stay on track and get yourself more Organized-ish than ever!

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