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Ask Lela: When Is It Time To Outsource Help?

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“I am a mom of three kids, three animals, and I work a full time job with an average week of 50+ hours. My husband works from home, and he works about 40 hours and travels once a week. It’s safe to say we have a lot going on and I feel like I just can’t manage our time well. It’s so hard to get dinner on the table, get the kids to school, and manage the house. My husband does what he can, but his job is very demanding, despite working from our home office. I think it may be time to hire some help, but I can’t get past the feeling of being a failure as a mom by bringing in a third party to help raise and manage my family. What are your thoughts?”

        -Sue Ann from Indiana

When Is It Time To Outsource Help?

The thing about being a woman that men don’t understand is that we have weird feelings that they don’t. If the laundry doesn’t get done on Monday like you usually do, your hubby may just say “no big deal, just do it tomorrow.” But not you. Your mind is saying “I’ve got a hundred things to do tomorrow, and I should’ve managed my day better so I could have gotten it done today. Now I’m behind and the kids are going to have to wear their cheap play clothes to school tomorrow.” And the inner dialogue goes on and on.

Sue Ann has a ton on her plate. I totally understand that her stress level is through the roof, and I can definitely relate to the feeling of not wanting to hire help. As women, we think we can do it all. We think we can hustle all day every day. We think we can find a way to solve every problem. And honestly, we probably can. But here’s the issue: Our “plates” are only so big. You can only fit so much on your plate at the buffet before things start falling into the floor on your way back to your seat. And trying to pile more and more onto it is only going to end in a big fat mess. Get what I’m saying?

When To Wave The White Flag

1. You’re missing important appointments

2. Your productivity at work is affected

3. You’re missing out on your kids’ biggest moments

4. You’re on the verge of depression

5. Your marriage is suffering

Ways Outsourcing Can Help

1. Hiring a part-time Nanny can be a life-saver. She can pick up the kids from school, take them to practices, and even help prep dinner.

2. Hiring a housekeeper can give you back your weekends. A cleaning service takes all the stress out of housework, so all you have to do yourself is nightly dishes and laundry.

3. Hiring a personal shopping service can save you hours. There are a lot of great services now that will do your grocery shopping and errands for you. They’ll even do pickups and deliveries.

4. Hiring a virtual assistant can help ease your Mom-Brain. A VA can manage your appointments, email inbox, work/life balance, and online errands.

5. Hiring an organization coach (like me!) will change your life. An organization coach or mentor analyzes your entire schedule and day-to-day activities, then helps you build a better system.

What If Money Is An Issue?

It’s no lie that outsourcing help doesn’t come without a price tag. But in the grand scheme of things, your family and well-being are more than worth it. By investing in things that will improve your quality of life, you are going to feel so much better about your days and how they’re spent. Every minute that you free up by your new “helpers” is a minute you can spend on something that brings you joy, calm, and peace. I know it sounds cheesy, but it really is true.

Can you cut out one restaurant visit a week and replace it with a good cleaning session from a housekeeper? Can you make coffee at home and replace your Starbucks budget for a virtual assistant? Could you cancel your cable subscription and put that money towards monthly coaching sessions? If you really take a hard look at your finances, I’m sure there’s some shifts you could make to get a little help with your overloaded schedule. You just need to realize what your true priorities are, and leave the feeling of shame at the door.

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