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How To Pack Kitchen Knives For A Move

Did you hear the news? We’re moving! To our FOREVER house! This is [hopefully] the last move we’ll ever make. Closing day is coming up quick and I’ve been a busy beaver getting the house all packed up. I thought I’d share a quick hack on how to pack up kitchen knives safely, because this is one thing I KNOW so many people struggle with.

Don’t you dare throw those knives in a box and slap some tape on it. Here’s the way I do it so whoever opens the box doesn’t get stabbed. Because moving AND an emergency room trip is just too much for one day.

How To Safely Pack Kitchen Knives

safely pack kitchen knives

What You Need:

  • Packing Paper (or thick Kraft paper)
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Tape (regular Scotch tape)
  • A Sharpie

pack kitchen knives tutorial

Fold In Knives One By One Into Paper

Start by cutting down the packing paper into long, wide strips that will cover the entire blade of your longest knife, plus a couple of inches extra.

Fold the paper over one blade, then lay down another knife and fold the paper covered [first] knife over the top of the second one.

Continue folding in knives one by one until you’ve created a little knife bundle. If you have lots of knives in your kitchen, you’ll need to make multiple bundles. Try not to make the bundles too big or the knives may slip out.

how to pack knives safely

Secure The Knife Bundle With Tape

Tape the side of the paper, then fold the top down and tape it, too. This creates a “pocket” so the knives don’t slide out or wiggle around. Try to get it nice and tight so they’re all snug in a cuddly knife burrito.

how to pack up knives for moving

Lay Your Knife Burritos On A Kitchen Towel

Look at you knocking out some “bonus” packing! You were going to pack those kitchen towels anyway, right?

I suggest using your thickest kitchen towels, and not your favorite ones, just in case a knife is extra sharp and gets loose. The blade could potentially puncture the towel. It’s unlikely since you used the thick packing paper, but I’m just covering my hiney from angry “you ruined my favorite vintage towel” emails.

pack kitchen knives

Fold The Towel Around The Knife Bundles

Fold the towel carefully around the paper bundles. Don’t worry about folding it tightly or securing it with tape or bands. In the next step you’ll add one last layer of security.

Think of this process as the Fort Knox security for your kitchen knives. And your fingers when you unpack. And your kiddo’s ears, because you’re preventing saying words in front of them that will make them giggle and make you blush.

how to pack kitchen knives for moving

Wrap And Label The Towel Bundle

Wrap the towel bundle in one more layer of packing paper. This is not just for extra security, but also so you have a writable surface. Tape the packing paper around the towel bundle, then break out your handy dandy Sharpie to draw on a picture of a knife, Pictionary-style, with the blade pointing in the direction the real blades are pointing.

Now you, or whoever unpacks your kitchen, will know which side houses the handles and which side can bring blood and ruin manicures.

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