Partnership Disruption

Uh Oh…

Partnerships are very important to In The New House Designs. They’re what keep us in business and allow us to continue to bring you awesome new tips, tutorials, and budget-friendly product recommendations.

The link you clicked leads to a partner that has been temporarily removed from our network.

Reasons partners could be temporarily removed include but are not limited to:

  • Expired partnership parameters
  • Non payment of affiliate fees to us upon agreed dates
  • Ethical or moral disagreements
  • Lack of product availability
  • Removal from affiliate program
  • Partner’s site is currently down

We work hard to only bring you brands we have personally tried, love, and trust. A partnership disruption doesn’t mean we have cut ties with the brand, it just means we have temporarily stopped linking to them for a reason listed below. If the partnership is reinstated, the links will be automatically re-enabled.

We will continue to only share brands we feel confident promoting.

Thanks for understanding.

-Lela and Brad