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DIY Space-Saving Poster Board Storage Hack

Learn how to store your poster boards, photo backdrops, foam boards, and tri-fold boards so they’re out of the way and safe from damage using this smart hack.

Whether you’re a crafter, photographer, or mom of junior high kids, you’ve probably got poster boards on hand. And it’s also very likely that you have them pushed up against a wall in a closet, and you curse at them weekly because they’re always falling down. Poster boards are a staple for so many projects, but they’re hard to store and organize…until now. I found an awesome hack to keep them out of the way and always upright, and it works in any size home. I tried it in my craft room, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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How To Store Poster Boards Using A Photo Ledge

Ready for the game-changing hack? It’s a picture ledge. Genius, right? By hanging a picture ledge on the wall, just a few inches above your baseboard, the poster boards stay off the floor so they don’t get dirty, wrinkled, or smushed-up corners. Not to mention that you don’t have to pick them up every time you need to sweep or mop.

And to keep them all in place, a simple bungee cord is your magic trick. It keeps the boards from falling forward and also prevents them from bowing. You can use this method anywhere in your house, but I recommend installing the ledge on a wall behind a door since you’re probably not using that space anyway. If your doors are solid (not hollow inside) you can even install the ledge right on the inside of a closet door.

Supplies You Need:

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DIY Poster Board Wall Organizer

1. Install the picture ledge onto the wall, about 3-6 inches above the baseboard to allow for easy floor cleaning. Use the wall anchors that came with your ledge and a level to keep the ledge straight. When I installed my picture ledge, I put yoga blocks underneath it so I didn’t have to hold it up while I marked my holes and screwed it in. They just happened to be the height I needed to raise the ledge off the floor, and it was easier than asking someone to hold in place for me.

bungee cord hooks

2. Screw hooks on both sides of your ledge, about two feet above it. The best way to know how far to space the hooks is to stand up your largest poster board on the ledge and mark a spot a few inches away from it on both sides. Drill a pilot hole with your skinniest drill bit, then screw in the cup hooks.

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3. Add your poster boards onto the ledge, then secure them in place using the bungee cord. Now your boards are safe and organized, and won’t fall down. You can pull them out from the top, or remove the bungee cord when you need multiple boards.

poster board storage idea by Organized-ish

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