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Get Ready To Rock The Holidays

I have been waiting for this moment for SO long, my friend! And today is finally the day! The Holiday Planner is back and way better than before! I have been getting emails and DMs almost daily asking for this, and I am so excited for you to see it. The Organized-ish Holiday Planner is packed with 46 full pages of everything you can possibly need to plan your holiday season and get through it without a complete mental breakdown.

printable holiday planner

The Organized-ish Holiday Planner Story

Every year since I was a teenager, in November (or sometimes August… haha!) I would break out a fresh spiral-bound notebook, turn on some N*SYNC Christmas music (don’t judge), bake some chocolate chip cookies, and make page planning templates for the entire season. From gift shopping ideas to greeting card plans to decorating color schemes to event menus, I planned it all.

As I got older and started a family, I was able to control *all* the planning, not just what my mom would let me do. So it’s safe to say that notebook grew a lot bigger. Eventually I realized it was taking me a ton of time to create an entirely new notebook every year with the same pages each and every time, so I downloaded a free holiday planner from a blogger. While that planner was pretty nice, it was lacking a lot of the key things I used in my own notebook, so I ended up scrapping it altogether the first week of December and scrambled to write up my notebook the way I really wanted it to be.

I knew there had to be a better way to plan the holidays without having to make a whole planner by hand once a year. Cue the Organized-ish Holiday Planner. I took the exact pages from my hand-drawn notebooks and turned them into a printable planner. It covers every single thing I plan for during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything in between, and it’s built for busy working moms just like me, who can’t make it through November and December without writing down everything that needs to be done.

printable holiday party planner

Organized-ish Holiday Planner Highlights

Brainstorming Pages

One thing I like to do when I’m planning the holiday season is map out ideas. I have a hard time with other holiday planners because you just jump straight into writing down definitive plans. I’m the total opposite. I always take time to brainstorm multiple ideas before committing to one of them. I need time to come up three or four menu options. And time to jot down all of my families ideas for our greeting card. And for sure a lot of space to brain-dump all the ways I may want to decorate.

I’ve included brainstorming pages for every single category just in case you’re an indecisive woman like I am who needs to see her options before making final choices.

printable christmas gift planner

Gift Planning

Have you ever tried to just fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to buying gifts? Didn’t work out so well, huh? I’ve included pages to keep track of everyone on your gift list, notes about what they may have hinted they’d like to receive, sizing notes, and a clear and concise way to know when you’ve completed shopping for them.

There’s also easy shopping checklists, wrapping lists, and calendars to keep you on track and on schedule.

printable holiday decorating planner

“Bucket” Lists

This is another thing I really like that I’ve always done in my notebooks. A lot of times, when you’re flipping through a magazine, you see a great cookie recipe or a fun craft or a local shop that sells the most amazing handmade gifts. But it goes in one side of your brain and out the other. By the time you remember again, it’s either too late or you can’t figure out where the heck you saw it in the first place.

I’ve included lists for things to make, do, visit, and cook, so you can keep track of all those ideas that swim around in your head. You can also map out details like recipe location, phone number or address, blog link, or any other supporting info that will turn that thought into an action. It’s also a great thing to have on hand on a boring night at home. You can break out your lists and the family can choose an activity as a whole. It’s so much easier to settle on “what to do this weekend” when you’ve got a written list of ideas to pick from. I definitely suggest letting all family members contribute to these lists. You never know what they secretly may want to do.

printable christmas planner

Theme Planner Ad-Libs

Sometimes it’s hard to get the ideas rolling, so in the very front of the planner, there’s a fun fill-in-the-blank ad-libs page. It helps you figure out the look and feel you want to create this year, and really gets down to the true core of what the holidays mean to you. Any time you get stuck during the planning process, you can go back to this page to be reminded of what your values and goals really are.

What’s Included

  • November Calender
  • December Calendar
  • Thanksgiving Planners and Shopping Lists
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday Planners
  • Christmas Planners and Shopping Lists
  • Holiday Theme Planner Ad-Libs
  • Idea Brainstorms
  • Decor Brainstorms and Plans
  • Decor Shopping List
  • Event Brainstorms and Plans
  • Event Shopping List
  • Menu Brainstorms and Plans
  • Menu Shopping List
  • Gift Brainstorms
  • Gift Recipient Info
  • Gift Shopping Checklist
  • Wrapping Brainstorms and Plans
  • Gift Wrap Shopping List
  • Greeting Card Brainstorms and Plans
  • Greeting Card Shopping List
  • Greeting Card Mailing List and Address Vault
  • Family Photo Shoot Planner
  • Family Traditions Planner
  • Recipes To Try Planner
  • Things To Do Planner
  • Things To Make Planner
  • Blogs and Instagram Accounts For Inspiration
  • After-Holiday Reflection and Notes

printable thanksgiving planner

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have the Organized-ish Essential Starter Kit for the Holiday Planner?

No, the Organized-ish Holiday Planner is a separate planning kit, and does not require the Organized-ish Essential Starter Kit. If you have the Essential Kit already, you can definitely store the Holiday kit in a new tab inside your binder, but most people prefer a separate binder for this kit.

Do I have to re-purchase the Organized-ish Holiday Planner every year?

Nope! It’s yours to keep forever, with unlimited downloads and prints. You can save it to your computer or cloud drive and print a new set every year. It’s a one time purchase and it belongs to you.

What if I need more pages of the gift and card recipient details?

No worries, you can always print multiples of specific pages without having to reprint the whole kit again. There’s a document included in your download that walks you through exactly how to print the planner the best way, including a guide on printing single pages.

Is this planner geared specifically for Christmas?

Yes and no. Winter is full of holidays, not just Christmas, so this planner can be used for any holiday your family celebrates. While there are Christmas-specific pages included, you can always leave those out and use the party planning pages for all of your Winter events.

What’s the best way to bind this printable planner?

I personally like to put the printed pages in clear page protector sleeves, then add them to a binder with folder-pocket dividers. The pocket dividers make a great space for extra sheets of paper, receipt envelopes, and mementos from trips and events. I found this great leather binder that has a calculator and pen holders built in and I use it for my personal Holiday Planner, so I can take the whole binder with me when I’m shopping. It’s super handy!

Ready To Plan Your Holidays Like A Pro?

You can grab your copy of the Organized-ish Holiday Planner for just $10.50 on Etsy for a limited time. This is an introductory price and next year the price will go up, so grab yours this year to avoid the increase in 2020.

Sales end on December 26th at 8pm EST and will not be available again until November 2020.


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