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Reorganize Your Small Closet For Under $100

Reorganize Your Small Closet For Under 100 Dollars

I have a lot of clothes.

Like, a whole lot.

I’m not afraid to admit it.

And a lot of shoes.

And a lot of accessories.

But you know what I don’t have?

A big closet to put them all in.

When we moved into our house last March, I just shoved everything I could in the closet and threw in some random containers to corral what wouldn’t fit on the rod.

And I left it there.




This is what I was working with.

(Don’t judge.)

Until one rainy Sunday at Lowes.

I was killing time because the rain was really coming down and I didn’t want to go out in it.

So I walked up and down every aisle and looked at every single thing in the store.

And I found these Closet Shelving Kits.

I brought one home and spent the rest of the day ripping out the old closet shelving and building a custom design.

Closet Shelving

Closet Organization

I never realized how useless that one rod was until I set up this system.

Now I have shelves and rods and multiple levels and baskets and boxes and- oh how I love it.

Every time I walk into the closet I am amazed at how much I’m able to fit in such a small space.

And the fact that it’s all on a track system means that I can rearrange the layout easily anytime I want.


Closet Storage

Roll Tee Shirts and Keep them in large baskets

The boxes are perfect for belts, hats, gloves, and bathing suits.

And the baskets hold t-shirts, shorts, and pj’s.

I didn’t get rid of those two plastic drawers, either.

I stacked them on top of each other and put them in the corner behind the clothes.

They now hold sandals and handbags.

Scarves on towel hanger

Utilize the space under your bed by keeping clothes in small rolling baskets

Use a cedar chest for shoe storage

I utilized storage in other places to hold the overflow.

Between the shared dresser with my husband, the underbed rolling drawers, the scarf rack on the door, and the cedar chest for part of my shoe collection, I’m able to store all my stuff without having a morning meltdown.

Not bad for a hundred dollar shelving kit, huh?

Now on to the rest of the closets in the house!

Reorganize Your Small Closet For Under 100 Dollars


  1. Love it! I’m now on the search for those baskets and under bed-rolling drawers!

  2. Sandra gandy

    your closet looks amazing.

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