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Rustic Pet Toy Box For Under $15


So in the new house, we have three little critters. Two cats and a dog.

Correction, one cat, one dog, and one kitten.

One wild and crazy kitten.

Actually, he might possibly be part panther. Or part monkey.


You’ve seen him here before, and all over my Instagram. This is Anakin.

Yeah, like Anakin Skywalker. From Star Wars. Aside from the critters, I share a home with two Star Wars Super Fans.

Anyway, Anakin is a strange cat. He hates clean.


When I sweep, he pounces into the pile like a child would dive into a mountain of fallen leaves.

When I mop, he intentionally leaves little paw print autographs all over the floor.

When I throw a piece of paper into the trash, he gets it out and rips it into fourteen tiny shreds.

And when I scoop his litter box, he swats at the scooper and flings litter all over the room.


Anakin hates clean.

Good thing he’s cute.

And good thing I’m patient. And loving, And caring. And a good cat mommy.

Okay, so maybe I’m not so patient. But I am all those other things.


So when I saw the toy box at Sadie Seasongoods a few months ago, I knew I had to get one.

I found this awesome box at Michael’s Craft Store on clearance for about seven bucks.

I brought it home, put a light wood stain on it, and distressed it a little.


Some $3 casters from the hardware store make it perfect for rolling under a chair and out of the way.

Usually this would be full of stuffed animals and mice and balls and bells.

But most of them are under the bed. And dresser. And sofa. And who knows where else.

Like I said, Anakin hates clean.



  1. Great storage idea! I think I’d fill mine with magazines and leave it out in the open!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Nice idea, Lela!

  3. Sandra gandy

    he is perfect. I love the box.

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