Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #10

I’m just going to come right out and ask a controversial question…when is it ok to complain? Or as my kid says, when is it ok to “be a Karen?” No offense if your name really is Karen, I’m so sorry you have to deal with this new term. But for real, when do you have to put your foot down and how do you do it nicely enough to not make someone not want to help you but stern enough to get actionable results?

I feel like lately I’ve had a string of terrible customer service, terrible deliveries, terrible product quality, and terrible consumer experiences altogether. It’s like the last month has just been one big customer service fail across the globe and it’s all directed toward the Burris house.

Do you ever feel like that, too? I mean, come on people. It can’t be that hard to do your job, package your products, and be a good human. I have found myself resorting to “being a Karen” three times in the last three weeks and I don’t like it. But sometimes you have to put your foot down in order to hold a company accountable. I don’t mean asking for special treatment, but I do mean expecting decent treatment and owning up to it when you slack off.

I could give you all the examples, but let’s just stick with one. We had our gutters cleaned last week, and they were supposed to bag and haul away all the gunk they took out of our gutters. Well, long story short, they didn’t. They threw it all in my flower beds. Wanna know how I know? It was recorded on my video cameras outside. Oopsie! After going back and forth with the company, I sent the video proof. The next day a supervisor was at my house cleaning my yard, driveway, deck, and outdoor furniture.

Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and other times you have to know when to let things go. I’d love to hear your opinions on this. Do you ever speak up when you get bad service? Or do you just quietly never use that company or visit that place again? (Be nice in the comments please, and don’t judge other commenters. We’re all friends here)

Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

Why is lawn fertilizer and weed preventative so dang expensive? I could dig up and reseed my yard for the same price…

Yesterday I had iced coffee during Tech Free Afternoon Tea. I’m such a rebel.

Do you still read magazines? Like printed magazines you hold in your hand and not on a screen? I love them and hope they never go away.

I started designing Organized-ish “merch” that will be coming out later this year. 1. I feel stupid saying Merch. 2. Any suggestions for what you’d like to see in the product collection?

I can’t seem to get the house temperature right. It’s either hot or cold, always. I think it’s all these windows. I think I need a smart thermostat. Do you have one? Are they worth it?

What’s New On The Blog

This was a big week for reveals on the blog! On Monday I shared the bedroom reveal, which I honestly wasn’t sure I’d be done in time. And man, oh, man does it look pretty in the photos.

I also revealed my utility closet makeover, decked out with the cutest organizing labels you’ve ever seen. And the best part is I made them all myself!

Quick Win Friday is extra quick this time, with 10 productive things you can knock out in 10 minutes or less.

And the Cricut Beginner Series continues with the first of two parts breaking down all the words and phrases you need to know that may confuse the heck out of you when you see them in tutorials. If you’re a newbie to Cricut crafting, this post is one to bookmark and Pin for sure.

I joined the One Room Challenge as a guest participant, so next week you’ll see which room I’m working on and all our big plans to pull it off in 8 weeks or less.

And I just wrapped up an interview with Wayfair. Yes, THE Wayfair! They sat down with me {virtually} to ask for my advice and ideas for outdoor decor and organization. I even got to create a fun mood board with my favorite products. A copy of that interview will be available on my blog next Tuesday. It was SO fun!

craft room organization pro Lela Burris

Fun Things I Found This Week

This hack for painting super crisp lines is a game changer!

I made these cheesecake bites last week and they are probably the best dessert I’ve ever baked in my life.

I added a ton of craft room organizers to my Amazon shop collection. If you aren’t following me on Amazon, you should now! I save all the best organizing products there.

This tutorial for making new terra cotta pots look old is on my to-list next week.

This bluetooth speaker looks like a vintage radio and I’m in LOVE with it.

I bought three of these long t-shirt dresses. I may never wear real pants again.

I got SO many requests for the link to the rug in our master bedroom. Here it is, and it’s on sale!

Before You Go…

Nigel is back with another dad joke. You ready?

What kind of pants does Mario wear?



{Cue the Mario music as he’s hopping around slinging turtle shells}


  1. I love reading your Saturday posts. Thank you for sharing.

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