Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #11

Happy early Mother’s Day! Whether you’re a mother, grandmother, or fur mama, this weekend is all about you. I hope your weekend is full of fun, relaxation, and no having to scoop the litter. For real, I scoop litter three times a day, so if my fellas want to take care of that this weekend, I need no gifts.

So what are your plans this weekend? Today we are going to a big local park to spend the afternoon in the sun. The hub and son will have some hot dogs from a deliciously overpriced hot-dog-only shop, and I’m going to try out the vegan place next door that I’ve been dying to get into. We’ll grab both meals to go and have a little picnic.

Tomorrow both my mom and my husband’s mom are going over for a cookout. Nigel has become a dang-good grillmaster lately, by the way. He really got into it a couple of years ago and has done a lot of research and practice in how to cook on a grill.

He says he’s practicing for the day I let him retire from his job and be a househusband. In all honesty, that’s my goal, too. I would love to go to work in my studio every day and have him bring me lunch and cook my dinner. And come home to clean house and a well-tended garden. I am all for it!

Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

I took the day off yesterday to drive for 6 hours total to go to a not-so-nearby Ikea to get a picture frame. Yes, a picture frame. Go ahead and laugh, I’ll wait.

During that trip I sat through traffic from eight different wrecks. Why can’t people just drive at a steady speed on a long straight road without hitting each other???

Ikea is a funny joke from the Universe. They’re like “let’s give them secret passageways…but make them trap doors.” It’s impossible to not get lost in there.

My son went to the junior high prom this week. Seeing him in his suit was both adorable and horrifying. Please grow backwards for a little while. Or at least just pause.

My pest prevention man came for our quarterly spray and a fuse blew while he was here. He fixed it for me. Now I want him to start a pest/electric company and call it Electric Bug. His commercials would be to the tune of Electric Love. Millions, he’d make millions…on TikTok.

Why can’t glasses stay clean? No matter how much spraying and swiping I do, there are always smears that never go away.

organize top of stairs entryway

What’s New On The Blog

I kicked off the week by showing you how I turned my top-of-the-stairs garage entryway into, well, an entryway. Who knew you could store so much on a wall at the top of a steep flight of stairs?

I also shared an interview I did with Wayfair. Yes, THE Wayfair! They asked me all about outdoor decorating, organizing, and entertaining. And I even created my own collection of neutral patio decor items and furniture!

Part two of the Cricut Words And Phrases You Need To Know lesson is live now, too. Last week was all about tool and material words, and this week I covered all the the beginner terms involved with Design Space. If you’re a Cricut newbie, those posts are for you.

Speaking of words and phrases, here are ten organization quotes you should know and live by. All the quotes are designed in phone-friendly shapes, so feel free to screenshot or Pin them.

And if you need a mini project to work on next week, how about packing up some of your seasonal clothes to free up room in your closet? Here’s an easy tutorial for what to pack up and where to store it in this week’s Quick Win Friday.

Fun Things I Found This Week

These 10 Amazon Prime secrets you may not know.

The rug everyone has been obsessed with on Instagram is 80 PERCENT OFF this weekend.

Need a new vacuum cleaner? This guide helps you choose what kind to buy.

Joanna Gaines’s new summer collection is available at Target now and it’s even better than I expected.

This easy window box planter DIY is calling my name!

This chandelier should be in every guest bedroom or walk-in closet. So dreamy!

This article for picking whole-home paint color schemes.

These are the most comfortable shoes EVER.

diy container herb garden for patio on a budget

Before You Go

I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to you and I hope you have the best weekend ever. But I also want to let you know that my heart goes out to you if you have lost your mother, or someone you cared for who was like a mother to you. And I’m thinking of all you ladies who wish and hope and pray to be a mother yourself but it just hasn’t happened for you yet. I know this holiday is full of joy, but can also be full of sadness, too. So if you find yourself feeling down, go out and spend the day with Mother Nature. Nothing cheers you up like sunshine and fresh air.

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