Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #12

Well, it’s official. There is an all-out-war happening at the Burris house. It’s one 5’4 120lb woman versus an army of woodpeckers. Sure, I may be outnumbered. Yes, they might have the ability to fly. And ok, they’re way faster than me. Actually, now that I broke all this down, it’s seeming like I might not have much of a chance at victory…

These guys have been a problem around my yard since day one. They were stealing the squirrel food, bullying the little finches at the feeders, and pecking on my house eaves every day at 10:30 sharp. I run out that door daily shaking my fist like a little old lady as I shout “get off my house, you Pecker!” My neighbors must think I’m a total loony bin.

Who has tips for helping me win this war? I’ve looked up ways to deter woodpeckers from attempting to burrow out brooding nests on a house, but they all suggest ways that also deter other birds from your yard. And I have officially become the bird lady from Home Alone, so I want all the others to stay.

I don’t really mind them pecking on my trees and eating those bugs, I just don’t want them to turn my house’s insulation into a baby-making love den.

Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

I am allergic to almost everything in the world. Grass, air, dust, all animals, everything. Except poison ivy. It’s like a funny joke my genes played on me…

I’ve never been affected by poison ivy before, and yesterday I was pulling a ton of it off my front yard trees. So hopefully I’m still unaffected. Does poison ivy affect you? And if so, what home remedies work to relieve it?

I spent two hours styling bookshelves for a photo shoot on Tuesday. Those bookshelves ended up not even being seen in the photos at all. So there’s that.

TikTok audience is just mean. Yeah, I said it. I posted the same video on Instagram and TikTok. IG comments are so supportive and positive. TikTok comments are all like “you hold your pen in a weird way.” Come on people!

Speaking of Instagram, what are your thoughts on Reels? Do you prefer watching Reels or seeing plain picture posts? There’s no wrong answer, I’m just being nosey.

1Thrive review from Lela Burris of Organized-ish

What’s New On The Blog

Everyone has been crushing on my 1Thrive Command Center so I shared exactly how I use it. I also shared the five biggest tips for organizing a new home, which I feel like I’m a pro on since we’ve moved three times in seven years. (No more moving now though, because we found our forever home!)

Here’s a fun DIY hack for labeling fabric bins, and you can use it either with markers and scissors or with a Cricut machine.

And here are 25 things you probably haven’t washed lately but you definitely should. Grab the washing detergent and cleaning caddy, because you’re about to get your clean on.

juniper print shop Mesa oversized in living room

Fun Things I Found This Week

Did you see my new gigantic piece of art in my living room on Instagram? Here’s where I found it.

My MIL gave me this coffee and it’s the strongest I’ve ever had.

This project for covering metal porch columns is the best!

Have you been watching Home Economics on ABC? If you have siblings, this show is highly relatable.

Cricut has a mug press bundle available right now and it’s on sale!

She built a kitchen with cardboard and that hack saved her thousands! I’m totally doing this!

small pink laundry room by Lela Burris

Before You Go

I’m working on putting together all my summer blog content, Instagram Reels, and videos for the YouTube launch. I need your help! What do you need help organizing? Tell me in the comments and I’ll work that into the schedule. Thanks!!!

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