Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #14

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, my friend! Aren’t these long weekends the best? There’s just something about a holiday on a Monday that feels a little extra special. I typically work at least one day on the weekend, but when there’s a holiday like this, I try to force myself to take the whole time off.

I’d love to know what you’ve got planned for the next few days. Are you going to be soaking up the sun? Or soaking up the air conditioner inside? [haha!] Headed out to the lake? Playing yard games with the family? Or are you stuck at work anyway because your job doesn’t allow for holiday time?

I remember back in my retail days where holidays were so disappointing because I was always at work. Instead of enjoying a day grilling and chilling, I was managing teenagers and trying to hit our quota of 30 bottles of fragrance upsold.

Honestly, I really did love working at that clothing store. It was fun and upbeat, and helping women feel good about their bodies with the right outfit was super rewarding. But the hours sucked. And the amount of inventory that came in every day sucked too.

Next time you’re in a retail store, be extra nice to the employees. They’re busting their boo-tays behind the scenes while everyone else is home eating burgers.

Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

Speaking of jobs, what is your favorite job you’ve ever had? What made it so great? Now I’m curious.

I indulged in my number one guilty pleasure again last night…virtually touring tiny houses. I LOVE this one.

Could you live in a tiny house? I would like to have one for vacations, but I need room to spread out. (aka a place to get away from Nigel’s snoring)

If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram, you saw my poison oak debacle. In case you’re wondering, I’m still miserable, even after two shots from the doc.

I think I want to do a live workshop soon. Should I teach a lesson on organizing or crafting? Maybe how to organize and display collections? Or making an easy DIY project in realtime? What would you like to see?

Gotta go put more Calamine lotion on…brb!

lego storage cart

What’s New On The Blog

This week on the blog, I kicked it off by sharing all my tips for organizing Legos for older kids, including how I turned a 12 drawer rolling cart into the most awesome creation station.

In the crafting world, we’ve still got that weeding tool out. To follow up with the Weeding 101 tutorial, I shared 10 Cricut fonts that are the easiest to weed. If you’re a beginner and have a hard time weeding words, I wrote this just for you.

Quick Win Friday may be the quickest win to date, and packs the biggest punch. This week I’m teaching you how to instantly make your closet look less cluttered without purging a thing.

Hometalk shared my Garage Entry organization tips, and that project is still one of my most helpful updates I’ve done to our Forever House.

And did you see the giveaway I’m hosting with my friends at Honey Can Do on Instagram? We are giving away a $100 gift card to their site so you can stock up on some new organizers for your home. Entering is easy and the winner will be announced this Monday.

Lela Burris mobile craft storage cart

Fun Things I Found This Week

This lap desk makes working on my laptop on the sofa so much more comfortable.

These ideas for reusing drawer sheets are genius!

I finally got around to reading this book and I’m so into it.

If she can grow 35 different herbs and veggies on a tiny balcony, we have zero excuses.

Where has this paintbrush been all my life???

This backyard and patio is about as perfect as it can be.

My fave wedgie-fit jeans are on sale for Memorial Day weekend.

pack for trip for couples
Nigel taking me on a journey…down a ridiculous dad joke trail…

Before You Go

Nigel’s dad joke of the week really got me this time. His delivery is spot on and I don’t know how he’s able to stay so stone-faced as he waits for me to take the bait. Try this one one someone this weekend and see if you can reel them in, too. Here’s how our dialogue went down so you can recreate it:

[Nigel] I started reading a new book this week.

[Me] Oh yeah? What is it?

[Nigel] It’s a horror book, and it’s in Braille.

[Me] Huh? I didn’t know you could read Braile?

[Nigel] Something bad’s about to happen, I can feel it…

Ugh. I fell right into it.

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