Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #15

Well, we gave Nigel his Father’s Day gift on Memorial Day. Yes, I know it’s way early, but we had a good reason.

That reason is…we just couldn’t hide it for a month.

We got him a new grill, and the story of how we got it for him is pretty hilarious, and how we “attempted” to hide it is even more ridiculous. I’ll share more about that when we get closer to Father’s Day, because it’s totally worthy of its own blog post or Instagram Live video.

But long story short, he’s got a new grill and I’m ready for him to start using it.

I don’t eat much meat, so if you’ve got some good veggie recipes for grilling, please send them my way so I can pass them on to my personal chef. Aka, my husband.

Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

So apparently black-bottomed pools are trending, and they are creepy looking.

Last weekend we tried buffalo cauliflower bites from a new cookbook. It was good, but weird.

Since when is cauliflower a vegan replacement for buffalo wings?

I tried parting my hair in the middle yesterday…I won’t do that again.

Amazon announced Prime Day is June 21-22. Will you be shopping?

We rented Cruella on Disney Plus. I liked it a lot, and the “skinned Dalmatian” issue has been revised. Whew!

Happy Pride Month to all families and humans who celebrate!

pantry container expiration date with chalkboard vinyl

New On The Blog

After my big zombie outbreak of Poison Oak, I got a ton of advice and read a lot of articles about getting urushiol oil out of clothes, so I wrote this post to share the methods that actually worked to wash my poison ivy/oak contaminated clothes.

Quick Win Friday shows you how to add erasable, reusable expiration date tags to your pantry food storage bins.

Do you keep leftover vinyl from Cricut projects? If so, here are ten ways to use your vinyl scraps for home improvement projects. If not, start keeping them!

Considering adopting a new pet? This post helps you get your home and plans situated before you bring your new bff home.

The New Pet Planner is now available in the Organized-ish Binder Kit Library!

PS: The Binder Kit Library is getting a big makeover soon!

Fun Things I Found This Week

This enchilada recipe is on my menu next week.

My favorite print shop just released this digital artwork.

This list of cruelty-free beauty brands.

This is my new favorite Cricut accessory.

John Mayer just released this lovely chill song full of 80’s vibes.

These stackable containers are perfect for organizing anything small.

This diy closet door update is so good!

pegboard makeover

Before You Go

Summer is a season for knocking out all your home projects, and getting everything organized before kiddos go back to school. What’s on your summer to-do list? I’d love to share some specific tips on the blog just for you! Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Summer plans = soak it all in before my first starts his first school year (I need a Kindergarten checklist/binder kit lol). Also, make the backyard more functional and not just a huge patch of grass, bugs, and dog poop.

    Thoughts on the black pool trend:
    1. I love black…
    2. but, HELL NAH!
    3. How does one clean it without missing the little things?
    4. I have a fear of deep water from not being able to SEE the bottom or what lies beneath…………… just…

    • Lela Burris

      Such a great list of summer plans! And you should get one of those claw-like poop scoopers. Your kids will think it’s fun to pick up poop for you. haha! And I feel the same way about not being able to see the bottom of the pool. Scary!!! (And the back to school binder kit is coming next month! Your wish is my command!)

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