Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #2

It’s the weekend! The sun is shining, the tank is clean…wait, that’s Nemo. But my house is clean-ish. This week I added the Organized-ish Spring Cleaning Planner to the Binder Kit Library, and I have my printed copy in my 1Thrive command center file pocket front and center. I’ve been slowly checking off tasks from the list as I have time to knock them out. This year I’m doing my Spring Cleaning a little more casually and drawn-out versus spending a dedicated week on it. And I’m actually liking this method a lot.

Can I tell you a dorky little secret about myself? I love spring cleaning. When I was a kid, I watched the Carol Duval show one day (not sure how it ended up on my TV) but she was sharing tips for spring cleaning. I was so inspired that I made a list, deep cleaned my room, and then asked my mom if I could clean the rest of the house, too. (Of course she said yes, duh!) I danced around the house singing a made-up song about spring cleaning over and over. I was the happiest little weirdo ever.

Even more weirdly, I still sing that exact same song every year as I open the windows, hang the bedding outside, and clean every corner of my house. Ten year old Lela shows back up with my awkward dance moves and off-key singing, and it’s pure joy. (Especially for my husband who is very entertained.) The exact process I follow is in the Spring Cleaning Planner if you want to be a copycat, and this post rounds up tips for for cleaning every room of the house, including the garage.

Marty doesn’t love Spring Cleaning as much as I do.

Random Thoughts This Morning

Good Morning America said if you part your hair on the side, you’re showing your age. It’s “hip to the times” to part in the middle. As a fellow side-parter, I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Remember that time I got all my friends on Instagram to prank Nigel when he made fun of me for saying “hip to the times”?

On Monday, Noah said he thought I was 28. That sweet, sweet, adorable, clueless teenager.

Apparently people are already planning their Halloween costumes. Are we all living on Hobby Lobby’s marketing schedule now?

This guy sided his house in metal. And he’s pretty much the smartest human being ever.

Ikea just launched a mini game on Snapchat called Escape The Clutter. You basically clean up a cluttered room on your phone screen. You know, instead of cleaning up the real-life cluttered room you’re sitting in right now…

On Thursday Cricut announced its new mug press is coming soon. How do you feel about a $200 machine that only can be used with mugs? I’m undecided.

Lela Burris garage organization tips
When was the last time you cheesed this hard in your garage?

What’s New On The Blog

I’m officially posting on the blog six days a week now, which is a big jump from the two days a week I had been doing before. Now that I left my day job and am working on the blog full time, you’ll get Monday-Saturday Organized-ish goodness, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

This week I shared a hack for storing posterboards, updated my popular A Busy Mom’s Guide To Spring Cleaning, organized my garage with the cutest labels, shared my fave pet health products, and showed you my hack for cleaning trash cans.

And the countdown is on for The Organized-ish Craft Room Course! Next Thursday it will be available for everyone, but if you’re on the waitlist you’ll get early access on Tuesday. AND you’ll get $20 off the price! I can’t wait to share this course with you!

Update: The Organized-ish Craft Room E-Course is now live and enrollment is open! Sign up for your spot here to learn how to plan, set up, organize, and maintain the craft space of your dreams!

stitchfix delivery review
I use Stitchfix because I hate shopping for clothes. Correction. HATE shopping for clothes.

Fave Finds Of The Week

This meditation cushion. We bought two!

This moon mug gives me the best retro vibes.

This chicken coop building plan is what we will construct this summer.

I’m obsessed with Call Your Mother, a feel-good lighthearted show on ABC.

I ordered another StitchFix box to arrive next week using this $25 off discount.

These stackable craft storage caddies need to get in my Studio ASAP.

I’m using this mirror for my bathroom remodel because the shelf is genius.

And after you refill your mug this morning, here’s 99 ways to display houseplants.

Hope you have a happy Saturday!


  1. I absolutely LOVED the Carol Duval show!

    • Lela Burris

      Oh I’m so happy to hear that! I don’t know how I stumbled upon it as a kid but it was something I looked forward to all the time.

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