Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #3

Good Saturday morning my friend! Has this week been a whirlwind for anyone else? Mine was full of early mornings, late nights, a few stressful freakouts, and tons of excitement. I’m sure you already saw that I launched my first course, The Organized-ish Craft Room, this week. And while everything went completely seamless during the launch (thank goodness!) There was SO much work we did behind the scenes leading up to it.

The most fun part, for sure, was the giant confetti rainfall video I shared on Instagram right after the course went live. A few weeks ago, my 13 year old said “hey Mom, I have an idea for your announcement video…and we’re going to need a sheet, an umbrella, and some craft supplies.”

If you saw the video, you know where I’m going with this, but let me tell you his original idea…instead of the five pounds of confetti that covered me, my craft room, and everywhere other than the sheet, he wanted to fill the umbrella with craft supplies and have them fall on my head! 😳 Luckily it did not rain scissors and glue sticks, and after a few blasts with the leaf blower, we finally got all the tiny confetti out of my hair.

Long story short, the video was awesome, everyone loved it, and Noah is officially hired as social media video director.

Lela Burris just launched a new Craft Room Organization course

Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

I put a squirrel feeder outside so the squirrels would stop stealing the bird food. But a woodpecker steals all the squirrel food. I guess I need to buy a woodpecker feeder…this is starting to sound like If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, wildlife edition.

Have you heard of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and the other sister books like If You Give A Moose A Muffin? My husband had not, which led to me reading him a children’s book like a librarian reads to first graders. He was oddly amused.

Also in the “oddly amused” category, I found a playlist on Spotify that has all the songs from all three Pitch Perfect movies, exactly the way they are in the movies. Have I listened to that playlist too much or not enough? I’d say both.

Stickers on the back window of vehicles…do you like them or hate them? Yesterday while running errands, it seems like every single car has stickers on the back window. Or hats facing outward from the top of the back seat.

Is it weird that I want to only plant trees at our house that look like they’re from a Dr. Suess book? The more alien-like the better. Is there a landscaper that can recreate The Lorax movie set in a suburban neighborhood? Hit me up…

Speaking of landscaping, I’m considering lining our sidewalk with monkey grass or something similar. Is this a good idea? Who has done it? Do you love it or regret it? (Context, we have a long sidewalk.)

mateless sock printable expiration tags

What’s New On The Blog?

I shared the full tour of my craft room and blog studio, proving that I have a split personality. My house is so incredibly neutral with creamy whites, light beiges, wood tones, and natural elements…then you head over to my studio and it’s an 80’s colorful music video set decked out it every craft supply and lidded container you can imagine. Best of both worlds, right?

I also shared a fun hack for keeping tabs on mateless socks (and free printable tags to know how long they’ve been single), an easy Cricut Infusible Ink project using a cosmetic bag, and tricks for using Siri to organize your life. Oh and I posted a video about my new craft course on YouTube. I promise I’ll start making tutorial YouTube videos soon. It’s on my list. 😉

stitchfix box

Fun Stuff I Found This Week

She shares the best furniture and accessory thrifted makeovers

She gives tips for saving money on groceries

Cricut’s new Mug Press is actually really cool

Speaking of Cricut, they’re having a major machine sale this weekend

This DIY Spring wreath is a must-make

I just bought a Stitchfix box and they gave me a promo code of $50 credit to share that only works for today. Have at it! (not an affiliate, just a referral credit they give all regular purchasers)

My mom has this lamp and it’s back in stock now. It’s perfect for a reading nook!

tired cat

Before We Go

Before you hop into your Saturday with your big to-do list, stressful schedule, and cleaning routines, I want to remind you that Organized-ish is good enough. I know I tell you all the time, but today it seemed like you might need to hear it again. Progress beats perfection all day every day, and perfection isn’t necessary all the time. Take some time this weekend to enjoy your family. Enjoy the fresh spring air. Enjoy the taste of your coffee. And just be. See you again Monday!


  1. Samantha Boyd

    1. I am HERE for the Dr.Seuss trees!! 🖤 Best idea ever lol.
    2. I need that lamp in my life.
    3. Absolutely obsessed with your studio! I legitimately want to just bring a stool and sit and drink coffee and do crafts. Lela’s Craft Coffee Bar?? 🙌🏼🖤🤣

    • Lela Burris

      How about you come help me dig holes for the trees, then we’ll spend the rest of the weekend in the studio drinking coffee and making messes? 😁

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