Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #4

Good Saturday morning to you! I’m currently sitting on my sofa with a cup of hot coffee in one hand and typing this with the other. One-handed typing is not the best idea, but I just can’t get myself to the mug down. Ever feel that way? Like you just need the coffee to set your loony bin brain straight for the day?

I coach women all over the globe how to streamline their routines, simplify their daily lifestyle, and honor the progress over perfectly completed work. But sometimes even I get overwhelmed and overloaded. I did a brain dump yesterday and two whole pages spewed out of my pen of to-dos, reminders, thoughts, projects, and ideas.

That’s what I like about brain dumps. I can get everything out of my head and onto paper so I can “clear the cache” of my mind and get things back in order.

Do you do frequent brain dumps? If not, I highly suggest you add it to your weekly routine. It really is such a game changer!

But to show you that you’re not the only one that gets behind every once in a while, here are five confessions proving that sometimes I’m more -ish than organized…

  1. I bought the cat door in my laundry room nine months ago. And just now installed it.
  2. I also ordered a gorgeous brass kitchen faucet nine months ago and still have not installed it.
  3. I woke up in the night last week and my eyelashes were stuck together, reminding me that I forgot to wash off my makeup before I went to bed.
  4. I spent two hours organizing my new digital calendar a month ago. And that’s the last time I looked at it.
  5. I cleaned up my utility closet two weeks ago, but by the looks of it today you wouldn’t know it.
cat bird feeder

Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

I got two bird feeders and put them in front of the living room windows. Doc is obsessed and sits there for hours. Is this the equivalent of watching a Real Housewives marathon for him?

I’m seeing a lot of talk about skinny jeans being “out” and mom jeans being “in”… Umm, first of all, I’m a mom and I wear skinny jeans, so isn’t that a double negative? And second, I’m not dressing to impress some teenagers on TikTok. I’ll keep parting my hair on the side and wearing skinny jeans until sweatpants, no bra, and ponytails become the gold standard for ladies wear.

Can we just talk about Bradford Pear trees? What kind of person thinks to themselves, “I’m going to willingly choose to plant a tree that smells like dead fish in my yard”? My neighbors, that’s who. Going outside smells like a fish factory. An abandoned fish factory.

Piggybacking on last week’s Saturday Morning Coffee Date, I’ve decided to go through with my idea of planting Dr. Suess trees in our yard. Do they go with our renovated 1970’s cabin? Nope. Do I care? Nope. I’m looking at these trees, these trees, these shrubs, and these flowers. The more alien-like the better. Do a search on Pinterest for Dr Suess gardening and fall into the weird rabbit hole you’ll never want to leave.

I just realized we installed the exact same tile backsplash and the exact same bathroom cabinet knobs that we installed in our last house. I guess I like what I like. Or I’m too busy lazy to research and experiment with new options. Have you ever copied things you did in a previous house into your current house?

spice shortcuts for busy moms fast meal prep

What’s New On The Blog?

Yesterday I shared my hack for making dinner prep faster and easier, and the day before that I spilled the beans on my best craft room setup rules. I told other pro organizers my secret weapon for being able to create more high quality results for clients (and charge more!), and helped cat owners find the best products for their cat litter area. Oh and my favorite post this week breaks down my signature 5 Minute Declutter Method™, and even has a freebie list of 50 ideas you can snag.

The Organized-ish Craft Room E-Course is still open for enrollment, and students are already loving the progress they’ve made in their homes. Enrollment is only open for one more week, so if you’re not ready to set up your craft room yet but you want to get access before the doors close, you’ll lock in lifetime access so you can use the step-by-step program when you’re ready.

Lela Burris dining room and entryway command center

Fun Stuff I Found This Week

My fave command center is on sale this weekend and you can get even more of a discount with code SPRINGFORWARD

Cricut handheld tools are on sale this weekend, too. In case you’re not sure which set to buy, this post covers the basic and essential tool kits.

Anybody else use Feng Shui to help with layout planning? I got into Feng Shui when I was in junior high, and still use it today.

This urchin light fixture is calling my name!

I ordered a design service from Modsy this week. I had a call with my designer yesterday and I am so excited for her to help me figure out what to do with my oversized bedroom.

I want this egg chair from Target SO bad. It would be perfect on my back porch.

Speaking of my deck, I bookmarked this blog post for the best deck staining hack.

Before We Go…

I’m about to start cleaning all my rugs with my mom’s Bissell carpet cleaner, and truth be told, I’m still typing away because I’m procrastinating. But also because there’s one last thing I want to chat about. In a month or so, I’ll be starting my YouTube channel and I would love to hear your ideas on what you’d like to watch on it. I’m open to all suggestions, so fire away!

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