Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #5

Good Saturday morning! Whew! Let me tell ya, I am so happy to be writing this blog post this morning with a roof still over my head. Last year on Easter Sunday, a tornado ripped through our town and neighboring communities, too. Our house was spared but the tornado went right above us. Like it was playing hopscotch all around the city. And just two days ago, we were under the highest tornado risk our town has seen in a long time. Way higher than last year when it actually happened.

At 10am on Thursday, I had already lugged down cat litter boxes, pet beds and bowls, a bag of packed clothing, a lunchbox filled with food, safety supplies, and all five of my pets into our basement. Aka, the dude space where my hub and son keep all their collectibles away from said pets. (Don’t worry, they all survived the cats’ antics)

We spent the entire day and night down there, and after either three or four storm rounds (it’s all a blur) we never actually had a tornado in our area. Whew! And now here we are, two days later, with more potential tornadoes. I still have my list from Thursday, and you better believe we may all end up in the basement again.

I hope wherever you are, you’re safe, and if you’re in the line of today’s storms you have a safe place to get to. Tornadoes are freaking scary. They’re not predictable like a hurricane. They can change direction, catch you by surprise, and do some crazy things. Hopefully today will just be more rain to help my new monkey grass grow, grow, grow!

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I shared this on IG Stories but thought you might need to see it here, too.

Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

You ever wish you could talk to your pets in a language they could understand? If I could do that right now, I’d tell Marty to stop eating so fast and then throwing up on my rugs. There’s a hard floor right beside the rug! Why must you ruin nice things??

The good side of all the wind yesterday is that all the nasty stinky Bradford Pear blooms are gone. Outside doesn’t smell like a dead fish factory anymore.

I spent a lot of this week watching YouTube videos about filming YouTube videos. And more YouTube videos on editing the filmed videos for posting on YouTube. It was basically like looking into a funhouse mirror with a hundred videos inside each other.

I just got a notification from my Ring Doorbell that someone is at my front door. I’m braless and only one cup of coffee down so far so I’m not ready for people. Just pulled up the camera…it’s a wasp. Good. I haven’t had enough caffeine for people yet.

Now I need to up my wasp prevention game…I wonder if I turn on the doorbell microphone and tell it to leave and take all it’s friends it would listen.

I guess if I could do that, I could tell Marty to stop gorging his food and puking on rugs. Oh well.

What’s New On The Blog?

Yesterday’s Quick Win Friday was a little different because I came at ya with a digital organization hack instead of a physical one. I shared how to easily unsubscribe from all that annoying junk email you get without having to sign up for third party apps.

This DIY Slime Lab Storage Cart I made for a client’s kiddo has been a hit so far, as well as the reveal of our budget-friendly bathroom makeover. And if you haven’t checked off carpet and rug cleaning from your Spring Cleaning checklist yet, I gave you four tips for pulling off this tedious and not-fun chore.

Oh and don’t forget, The Organized-ish Craft Room E-Course closes TONIGHT! Tonight at midnight PST is the cutoff for enrolling to the step by step planning and execution process for organizing your craft room. I laid it out in the exact order you should follow, gave you all kinds of shopping links and ideas, and help you organize each and every craft supply you own. This course won’t be available again until maybe next year, so don’t let you craft space wait that long! Here’s how to get in before it closes.

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Fun Stuff I Found This Week

The rug EVERYONE asks about in my bedroom is on *major* sale this weekend!

This amazing chicken coop makes me want chickens even more now.

These vegetable gardening quick tips.

This Star Wars themed dresser…OMG!

This cutting board is the perfect grandmother gift for Mother’s Day.

These throw pillows are giving me the BEST spring vibes.

This classic hammock needs to be in my yard yesterday.

I just found this YouTube channel yesterday, and it’s all about COFFEE! She’s so fun!

clean refrigerator before holidays with these tips from Lela Burris

Before You Go

Before you set forth into the world on this gloomy Saturday (gloomy in TN, at least…hopefully it’s pretty where you are) I want to leave you with this very important piece of information… Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Annnndddd now that I’ve embarrassed myself with the dorkiest pun ever, I’ll shamelessly beg you not to forget me entirely and please come back to the blog again soon. I would say I won’t ever do something like that again, but let’s be real here. I definitely will.

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