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Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #6

Mr. Burris and I started a new thing. We call it Tech Free Afternoon Tea. (I love a good rhyme) We’ve been doing this for about two weeks as a test run to see how we like it and to decide if it’s something we want to adopt into our daily routine, and I’ve got to tell ya, we love it. It’s something we look forward to every day.

I’m going to write a whole blog post on it, so I won’t go into a ton of detail, but the gist of it is somewhere around the time of 2pm and 5pm, we put our phones on their chargers and turn off their sound, turn off all lights and TVs, even pause the washer and dryer. We sit either outside on the deck or at the seating area in our bedroom by the window. And we just sit. Sipping some kind of hot tea, chatting about anything that comes to mind, and listening to the birds chirp.

It’s like a daily reset to escape work and to-do lists, and it’s the best thing ever. And I’ve found some pretty killer hot tea recipes since we started this, which I’m also really excited to share. There will definitely be the most delicious tea that tastes like a lemon pound cake in the Fun Stuff I Found This Week section below… (you need to try it!)

front porch cleaning and organizing
Our old-old house’s front porch. Two houses ago.

Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

I think there’s some kind of winter curse on me. Every time I buy a new outdoor plant in the spring, we have a below-30 freeze randomly show up the next night. Every. Single. Year.

Yesterday I asked my husband to pick up some powdered sugar from the grocery store on his way home from work. I wonder if he:
A- Googled to find out that powdered sugar is confectioner’s sugar
B- Wandered around for a really long time
C- Asked someone for help
D- All of the above

My son’s favorite holiday is April Fool’s Day and he loves (and expects) me to pull out all the stops with fun, harmless pranks. I should do a whole blog post on all the pranks I’ve done for him, but for now just know that his action figures turned his bedroom into a rave party and his mattress ended up in his closet.

The new show Call Your Mother on ABC is delightful. It’s fun, light-hearted, happy, and just a feel-good show. If you don’t have cable you can watch it on Hulu like I do. New episodes come on Wednesday so it shows up on Hulu on Thursday morning.

The Modsy design is complete and I’ve already started ordering all the new furniture and decor for our bedroom. I can’t wait to show you!

Speaking of design, cats don’t care about it. Like, at all. The nicer decor you buy, the more they try to ruin it. That is all.

easy way to organize cords

What’s New On The Blog?

Quick Win Friday changed the game for your cord clutter with an easy and cheap hack to clean it all up and identify which cord is which. Cord clutter is something you kind of become blind to and don’t even notice, but your guests notice it almost instantly. Another clutter-keeper is your purse, so I challenge you to give it a cleanup this week. Once it’s nice and tidy, this post covers five things you should keep in your purse at all times, and you probably don’t expect some of them.

Speaking of guests, I shared five easy tips for making your house quickly smell good right before they come over. The first tip is my favorite because it’s ridiculously easy and perfect for a “I’ll be there in 5 minutes” surprise visitor. Also in the cleaning world, I updated my old post about why you need a cleaning schedule and how to make one. This will be a life-changer for you!

If you’re a total Cricut newbie, or are considering buying a Cricut machine but haven’t pulled the cart-trigger yet, I made you a beginner shopping guide that lists out everything you should buy to get started. This is something I wish I had as a beginner myself, and I’m so glad I can share this with you to make your learning process easier.

Oh and next Tuesday is the release of the monthly Organized-ish Binder Kit. This is the last month you can get the entire collection for $37. After this month, the price will increase to $47, so grab your lifetime access while it’s under forty buckaroonies! Your access gives you every binder kit in the collection now, along with all the future binder kits, too, and you never pay again.

Lela Burris organized home gym

Fun Stuff I Found This Week

Better Homes And Gardens featured my home gym on their website this week!

I just ordered this hilariously accurate door mat.

These tips for collecting art are gold.

This pink rug has me swooning. And it’s on sale this week!

My favorite rolling storage cart is on sale right now, too!

This DIY solution for covering porch swing chains.

I bought this lid organizer and set it up yesterday. One word…AMAZING.

I wrote this blog post back in 2015, and it’s still one of my favorites.

One Last Thing

Easter is tomorrow, and whether you celebrate or not, and whether you are able to get together with family and friends or you’re cautiously staying home again this year, there is one thing you must do to make the most of the holiday. Head to your nearest grocery store or Walmart and buy Fruit Punch flavored Peeps. Wait, don’t roll your eyes! Even if you don’t like Peeps, these fruit punch flavored ones will blow your mind. Nigel and I had to hide them from ourselves to keep from eating the whole package. OMG…

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