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Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #7

Operation Bedroom Redecorating is officially in session! I don’t know why I just called it that. I’ve never called this bedroom project by that name before, and I probably never will again…but anyway, we’ve started hands-on work in our master bedroom! And I’m happy to announce that with the help of YouTube, a friendly man at Home Depot, and pure luck, I didn’t get electrocuted when changing out the ceiling light fixtures.

Let me back up a little. As we were taking the two new flush mount light fixtures out of their boxes, I turned to my husband (who has never changed a ceiling light before) and said “don’t worry, this is going to be fast and easy.” He stared at me blankly, because he knew I just jinxed us.

The ceiling fan was first to come down, and whoever installed it stripped out all the screws. So many curse words later, we finally got it down. Next to come down was the boob light on the other side of the room. Those screws were also stripped out. So much that I had to bend the actual metal around the screw.

Then the “easy” part of popping the new fixtures up were halted by illegal wiring and a junction box that was installed way too high up. Long story short, what should’ve taken thirty to forty minutes took three hours. But the lights look so clean and modern, so I don’t even care.

kitchen sink with hydrangeas

Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

-I need pillows and Pier One is no longer in business. I either need to find a new pillow place or invent a time machine.

-There is a man laying in the middle of the road in front of my house, holding his phone up over him like he’s FaceTiming. I think he ran out of steam walking up the hill, but there’s a hundred other reasons why this could be happening.

-Do you love documentaries? Hulu has a ton of them right now, and I have added twenty to my watch list this week.

-How do you feel about squirrels? On a scale of “come eat corn from my handmade feeder” to “get off my lawn [old man voice] you rat with an overgrown tail”. Because I’m researching how to get squirrels to eat from my hands and literally every human I’ve told thinks I’m insane.

-And can we all just collectively groan about the springtime pollen situation? If you don’t have pollen where you live, take a moment to express some silent gratitude. Pollen sucks.

-The man is now off the ground and walking back up the hill now. I can stop hiding behind the curtain and spying on him. He’s fine. Well, as fine as a man who was laying in the road can be.

diy container herb garden for patio on a budget

What’s New On The Blog

This quick win shows you how to organize your messy TV cabinet, and I made a video version on Instagram, too.

I chatted about what you should declutter before or soon after you retire, and shared my best tips for kicking off your new life chapter stress-free[-ish].

I turned a cheap-o beverage tub into the cutest herb garden ever, and I made custom wooden garden stakes to label them using cut and engrave tools for Cricut Maker.

And I showed off the Modsy design plan for our bedroom, along with a full review of my Modsy experience. If you’ve been considering virtual design, I’m spilling all the beans on what it’s really like.

Oh and a new Organized-ish Binder Kit launched this week! The Job Search Planner is now in the library and available to all members.

black cat in a target bag

Fun Things I Found This Week

This sticky note printer isn’t even in production yet, but I feel like I need it.

My favorite tabletop craft supply sorter is back in stock!

This bathroom cabinet makeover makes me want to go thrifting.

The Sherwin Williams color of the month isn’t a color I would have considered in the past, but now it’s all I can think about.

Cricut Joy is cheaper than retail on Amazon right now!

Have you ever seen a teenage penguin? They’re even more awkward than teenage humans.

family pic
Family Photo From Easter This Year

Before You Go

Nigel’s Dad Joke game is still going strong, and I can’t keep up. Plus, every joke I look up online he already knows it. Please, please, pretty please drop your favorite Dad Jokes in the comments below. I need something to stump him with. Something that will really knock his dad-socks off his dad-feet and make him dad-laugh so hard he cries dad-tears.


  1. Love your Saturday morning post

  2. The squirrels around here are all gangsters and have no fear. They sit on my deck rail and taunt me. There is a particularly evil “blond” one who hardly moves when I come out to yell at him … he just moves a bit further down the deck. They are the bane of my existence. They constantly dig up my plants and toss the dirt around. They are malevolent little rodents! For the most part, I love the animals around here (the deer are lovely … except when they eat the rose bush!), but I wish all the squirrels would just move across the street and leave me alone!

    • Lela Burris

      hahaha, you’re making me reconsider this potential squirrel relationship I’m building. Mine come onto my deck and I have been considering adding a feeder to the deck so they’ll hang out more often. But I didn’t know they would dig up my plants. Thank you for sharing that!

  3. Teri Vapenik

    Did you know Pier 1 is back as an online only store? I really miss my Pier 1 local store. The ladies that worked there were awesome. Also, do you have an At Home store? They have a great selection of pillows. You can order online if you don’t have a brick and mortar store.

    • Lela Burris

      Oh my gosh! Teri you have made my DAY! I did not know that Pier 1 is online now! And I do have an At Home about 40 minutes away. I’ve only been there a couple of times, I should definitely browse there. I always forget about that store. Thank you!

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