Saturday Morning Coffee Date

Saturday Morning Coffee Date #8

Good morning, good morrrrning! Does my singsong vibe make you think I’m wide eyed and bushy tailed this morning? Well you’d be wrong. This whole week I’ve been dragging in the mornings. Instead of getting up at 5:30 like normal, I’ve been resetting my alarm and sleeping til seven or eight. So it’s safe to say that I’m totally thrown off my usual routines.

Do you ever feel like that? You try to stick with a routine and you slack off just one day, then it snowballs into a full week? Then you’re struggling to start back over again? Yes? Ok good. Tomorrow I’ll officially get up at 5:30 again and get back in the swing of my routines.

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Random Thoughts This Saturday Morning

We have a bird mystery happening at the Burris house. There’s a big pile of fluffy gray feathers on the ground near the feeders. But no motion alerts on our cameras, no dead bird anywhere, and actually, these are really soft and weird feathers that don’t look like any bird that comes to the feeders. Strange.

I didn’t have any white nails when I hung some clear shelves yesterday so I painted all the railheads white so they’d blend in with the wall. Was it worth the extra 45 minutes to paint four coats of white paint onto nails? Yes, yes it was.

All those will-they-won’t-they tv shows get on my nerves. I won’t spoil anything for you, but why do so many tv shows follow the same plot point of two people who go back and forth and whether they will or won’t be together? I find this to be very frustrating. Do you love or hate that type of plot?

Speaking of TV shows, we binged all four episodes of the new season of The Circle on Netflix the first day it was released. When the first season came out, it cringed at it’s preview and said I’d never watch that garbage. Then Sherry Petersik from Young House Love went on and on about how great it is. Turns out she’s right, and here we are. I like all the new characters (-ish) except the guy playing Emily. Stop touching your hair all the time dude! If you’re watching, what are your thoughts on the contestants?

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What’s New On The Blog

Part Two of the bedroom remodel saga hit the ground running on Monday with all my secrets for shopping for projects on a budget; exactly how I was able to find dupes of high-end expensive pieces for a fourth of the price.

I helped out busy mamas of young kiddos who can’t seem to find time to do any organizing around the house with these five tips to work around or with your children. And I showed you the basics on organizing your silverware drawer, which is a total 15 minute project at most, so you can knock it out while your kids are eating a snack.

And we’re back with another installment in the Cricut Beginner Series! This week I showed you how to open up your new Cricut Explore Air 2 or Maker, turn it on, set up Design Space, and complete your first test project. If you scooped up a new machine during the recent sale, you should be bookmarking this post for when it arrives.

Speaking of the big Cricut sale, I actually bought one of the Cricut Joy bundles before they sold out, but not for myself. I bought it for you! Next month I’m going to be giving away a Cricut Joy, along with all kinds of tools and materials, to one lucky blog reader. I can’t WAIT for this!

One last thing, did you know you can search the blog for topics you want to know about? If you’re on a desktop, the search bar is in the top right corner of my website. And if you’re on your phone, click the three bars in the top menu and the search bar is at the bottom of the menu that pops up. This is super handy when you need quick advice for something specific.

Fun Things I Found This Week

1Thrive Susans are back in stock! This is the wall calendar I have in my kitchen that you’re always drooling over. They sell out so stinkin’ fast! You can use the code ORGANIZEDISH to get a discount and fast shipping.

These 12 succulent terrarium ideas have me wanting to make one asap!

Suck at making handwritten labels? Here’s tips for improving your handwriting. I read it twice!

The new 2021-2022 Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Plans are out and they are better than every! My mom uses these and she’s the envy of the teacher’s lounge.

This article from BHG has me SO excited to do some landscaping at our new house! (PS: I’m definitely doing the Dr. Suess trees and bushes.)

This paper trimmer gets used almost daily in my house. Mine broke (user error) so I ordered two more! One for both floors of my house.

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Before You Go

I’m working on my summer content for the blog, and to be honest, I’m a little stuck. Last year’s summer was weird due to Covid, and I have no idea what this summer is going to be like. Can you do me a solid and drop a comment with some projects or plans you have for this summer? That will help me come up with blog posts and YouTube videos (coming soon!) that are tailored to what you actually care about. Thanks!!

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