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How To Save Money On Cricut Supplies

Save money when shopping for Cricut crafting supplies using these hacks and tips.

It’s easy to become a crafter, but have you had trouble staying one lately? The dirty little secret no one tells you about the hobby is how expensive it is. The best deals are usually hard to find, and stores may not have what you need, so learning to save on Cricut supplies is essential for keeping your mind creative.

You impulse buy like there’s a leaderboard for it (I do too.) You’ve thrown away more vinyl than a records shop going out of business (I have too.) A new machine is on a friend’s shelf, but it’s on your someday list. (It was on mine too.) You’re just as much of a crafter as I am, so let’s stay crafters with these 7 tips.

7 Tips For Saving Money On Cricut Supplies

1. Save Your Scraps
A lot of times, you only just need a little bit of vinyl or paper for a project like making labels or embellishing something small. By hanging onto your leftover scraps, you can use them for those little projects. Because nothing is more annoying than a new roll of vinyl with a 4 inch rectangle cut out of the corner. I keep my vinyl and paper scraps in plastic sleeves in a scrapbook so I can flip through my current stash. If you get too full on scraps, you can use the SnapMat feature in Design Space to use them up.

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2. Check Michael’s and JoAnn’s
These two stores do BOGO or 40% off sales almost every single month, and those are great times to stock up to refill your material collection. Need something specific when there’s no sale going on? Both stores have an app you can download on your phone for 40% off one regular priced item. That’s super handy when you need a single roll of pink glitter vinyl for your daughter’s school project that’s due tomorrow.

3. Keep A Supply Needs List In Your Phone
Ever end up at a store you didn’t plan on stepping into, see that they have a huge sale going on, and completely brain fart on the supplies you need to restock? Happens to the best of us. Keep a running list in the Notes app of your phone so you’ll always know what to be on the lookout for in an impromptu shopping trip.

4. Swap Supplies With Friends
A lot of times, we have supplies we will probably never use. Maybe it’s a piece of patterned vinyl that came in sample bundle that’s not your style. And maybe it’s a roll of girly iron-on, and you’ve only got little boys. Hosting a supply swap is super fun if your friends are as crafty as you are, and you’ll get the high of shopping without even breaking out your credit card.

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5. Take Care Of Your Tools To Prolong Their Life
This one may be a total “duh” moment, but it’s worth mentioning. Be careful with your tools and use them correctly to prolong their lifespan. Wipe off any sticky residue from cutting tools, store weeding tools with the pointy side up (or hang them), and keep tools organized so they don’t get smushed.

6. Sign Up For Cricut’s Email List
I know, I know, you don’t want more emails. But being on Cricut’s email list means you find out about sales, discounts, bundles, and Mystery Box drops as soon as they’re available. All of these special events on Cricut’s website result in major money saving, so it’s worth it to give them your email address.

7. Off Brands Are Ok!
If you’re rolling down the aisle of Hobby Lobby and the Cricut Vinyl is full price but the Paper Source brand is 50% off, girlfriend, get the off brand! Store brands from Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and JoAnns are almost as good as Cricut’s. And sometimes I have success with off brands from Walmart, too. I typically prefer Cricut’s brand, but if I can get a store brand for half the price and it’s not for a majorly high quality project, I’ll opt for the cheap-o.

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