How To Create An Idea Board Using PicMonkey

So you’ve probably seen idea boards before. Whether it’s home decor, fashion, or pretty much anything else that requires putting multiple items together, an idea board is the perfect way to turn all those photos into one cohesive piece. But how the heck are they made?

It’s a big ol’ white box with stuff inside. Looks difficult, huh? It’s totally not. I use PicMonkey to make mine and it’s so easy.

Living Room Idea Board with Neutrals

First you’ll scour the internet to find an inspiration room. Or outfit. Or whatever else you’re looking for.

When you find it, save a photo or screenshot (Ctrl + PrtSc, then paste to Paint program, then save) to your computer.

Then search for items that resemble the pieces in your inspiration photo and save them as well.

This is the fun part. It’s like shopping.

Don’t just copy everything. It’s called an “inspiration” photo for a reason. You don’t have to make it exactly the same. Change up the colors, shapes, and make it your own.

*Tip: With Google, you can type in what you’re looking for, then click “shopping” in the filter tab. You’ll get images without the background which look extra pretty in idea boards.

Once you have all your photos saved, you can get started on your board by heading over to PicMonkey. *Note: PicMonkey is no longer a free program, but it’s under $40 for an entire year, plus you get more editing options than Photoshop and it’s way easier to use. If you’re looking for a completely free option, you can use Canva instead.

Open up a square in the design section. Or a rectangle. I’m not the shape police. I just like squares.

Start with a blank canvas

You’ll end up with this blank canvas.

Click on the overlays tab

Next you’ll click the little butterfly tab to open up the Overlays category.

Click “Your Own” at the top of the list.

Choose your first photo

Go find your inspiration photo.

It’s best to start with it because you’ll make it larger than your other photos.

When you find it, click Open.

Adjust the size

Whoa! Waaaaaay too big!

Don’t freak out. It’s an easy fix.

Just put your cursor at one of the corners of the photo, click and hold while dragging diagonally to resize it.

Change the size to whatever you would like

Once you have it at a decent size, you’re good to move on.

You don’t have to make it perfect yet.

All photos can be resized and repositioned anytime throughout the process.

Fill it up

You’ll repeat the same steps to add all of your elements.

Move them around and adjust their sizes to create a nice balance.

***Hint: If you want to place a photo in front of another and you want to change which one is in first position, you can right click on the photo and choose Move Forward or Move Backward.

Add text and embellishments

Once it’s laid out the way you’d like, click the Text category and add a title.

You can also embellish your board with arrows, captions, stickers, buttons, and all kinds of other pretties.

Let your creativity shine, but don’t let your decorations overpower your photos.

Living Room Idea Board with Neutrals

When it’s all set, save that bad boy on your computer, show it off to your friends, share it on social media, and prepare for lots of oooh’s and ahhh’s.

Then get ready to turn your idea board into a real life room. Or outfit. Or whatever.

And if you share it on Instagram, tag your photo with @lelaburris because I’d love to see what you create!

How to create an idea board using PicMonkey A step by step super easy tutorial