Simple And Easy Super Bowl Party

Simple And Easy Super Bowl Party Table Setup and other great tips from In The New House Designs

Let’s be honest here. The game is fun to watch, but the real reason people go to Super Bowl parties is for the food.

Those New Year’s Resolutions of eating healthy and staying fit get thrown out the window on Game Day. Then it’s wings and cheese and sliders and four kinds of dips.

Super Bowl Hot Dog Bar

But here’s a nice alternative to the classic snack food menu. A hot dog bar is the perfect option for a large group because it can all be made ahead of time. And it’s way easier on your wallet.

You can serve all your friends a full meal for a third of the price of all those appetizers. And trust me, nobody ever complains about a hot dog bar.

Super Bowl Party Hot Dog Bar

Utilize a Crock Pot to make things even easier. You can make the chili in it, have baked beans in another, and you can even make the hot dogs in one too.

I opted for pre-prepping all the hot dogs by putting them inside the buns and wrapping with foil. I put out just enough for everyone to have a couple and kept the rest in a warm oven to keep them nice and hot for round two.

Super Bowl Party Food Table

Keep sides and desserts simple and portable by choosing options that don’t require silverware. Chili dogs, popcorn, and Oreo Cake balls are the perfect handheld treats.

Most guests will contribute some kind of appetizer food so it’s good to have the meal staple taken care of.

Super Bowl Party Penalty Flag Napkin Rolls

Even if you don’t need silverware, it’s nice to put out some plastic forks just in case. These super cute penalty flag napkin rolls are perfect for holding flatware and really play into the football theme.

Just roll yellow paper napkins restaurant-style and tape a strip of scrapbook paper loosely around it.

Super Bowl Party Decorations

These tissue paper pom poms are really easy to make too. Just accordion-fold tissue paper into 1-inch folds, then tie a long string around the middle.

Then fan out both sides, pull apart the pieces, and fluff it into a pom pom shape. You can fancy it up like I did by cutting a pointed notch in the accordion fold edges before you spread them apart.

DIY Super Bowl Party Bunting

I made this cute bunting and I’m kind of obsessed with it. I found an awesome printable template at Sweetly Scrapped Art and traced it onto some striped poster board. I glued them onto some gold ribbon and hung with some plain ol’ Scotch tape. It’s getting fancy up in here!

Super Bowl Party Table

To fill in extra table space, I just ruffled up some leftover tissue paper from the pom poms and loosely stuffed them inside some plastic oversized cups. Clip-on chalkboard tags, mini flags, and coordinated dollar store containers completed the whole look. And although this whole setup (counting food) barely cost me anything at all, I’d say it looks pretty dang classy.

Now time to cheer on my team and play Commercial Bingo. I just love the Super Bowl.

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Simple And Easy Super Bowl Party Table Setup and other great tips from In The New House Designs


  1. Simple and easy works for me every time. Very cute presentation, too.

    • Thank you Linda! When it comes to entertaining I always go for easy decor and food so I can spend more time with my guests.

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    I love your idea. it’s looks great also.

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