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Small Linen Closet Organization

Update: We’ve Moved! Check out our new (and even tinier) linen closet here.
Let me start off by saying I’ve never had a linen closet before. The towels were always kept in the bathrooms. The sheets were in bedroom closets or dressers. The medicine was in the kitchen (not good, I know). And everything else was in scattered throughout the house in a semi-organized manner.
So when we moved into The New House, I wasn’t really sure what to do with this linen closet. It is so tiny, it’s almost comical. So over the last year, stuff just got piled in there. I’d close the door and not worry about it. The only time we opened it was to get clean sheets or toilet paper.
Linen closet before
One day I was taking pictures for Instagram and I walked past the closet and realized something. I work so hard to make my house pretty, but here I am with this icky messy closet. I need to do something about that.
So I took everything out. Completely empty.
Hubby is thinking I’ve lost it again. I rearranged three times until I realized it just wasn’t working. After a quick Amazon shopping trip I got to work with my new organizers.
Use an inexpensive shoe rack to organize the linen closet
I had these shoe racks left over from my Closet Makeover and they fit perfectly on the top shelf. They added height and extra shelving without having to buy more wire racks.
Linen Closet Cart Organization
I ordered six canvas storage bins, an oversized canvas basket, and a rolling cart on Amazon (aff. link) for about $65 dollars total. The cart can easily be removed and rolled around the house for changing all the bed sheets and can multipurpose as a serving cart for parties. Double win!
How to organize a small linen closet
Ta Da! So much better! And how cute is that little metal sign?
It’s totally right. Life is too short to fold fitted sheets. I can’t do it correctly anyway.
Free Printable Linen Closet Labels
And no linen closet is complete without labels. If not, there would be full sized sheets in the queen sized bin. And then I’d be using my “unladylike language” as I try to force an unknowingly too small fitted sheet on a mattress.
Nobody wants to hear that. Except my husband, who would find it to be hilarious.
Canvas Baskets are perfect for linen closets
Now let me tell ya, stickers and canvas bins do not mix. Not at all.
So I made these super cute printable labels, printed them out, and glued them to clothespins. Now I can clip them onto the baskets and wire shelves and they can be moved around as needed. You know, sometimes my brain impresses me. 🙂
Update! In my new house’s linen closet, I used iron-on transfers to customize fabric bins. Click here to see them!
Easy DIY Clothespin Labels for Linen and Laundry Closets
Clothespin Linen Closet Labels
The labels I made are no longer available in the Resource Library, but I do have other options you check out instead. Just hop over to my Freebie library and look for Blank Labels.
Not the style you’re looking for? You can make your own in Canva or PicMonkey and design them however you’d like. Then print them off and attach just like I did. 🙂
linen closet cart storage

Where Do You Store Your Linens?

Do you have a linen closet in your house?
How do you keep it organized?
And if you don’t have one, where do you keep all your linens?


  1. This is exactly what I need! I’m moving into a new house in two weeks and the ONLY linen closet is tiny. I want to replicate what you’ve done to a T. What are the chance you know the width and depth of your closet? I don’t want to get my hopes up only to find in two weeks that my closet still isn’t big enough.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Sandra gandy

    love the closet makeover.

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