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DIY Spice Jar Labels With Cricut Maker

Learn to make vinyl spice jar labels with any Cricut machine using this premade Design Space template. Updated August 2020.

Spice jars come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, which is fine if you’re a brand trying to stand out in a grocery store, but not so fine if you’re a Mom trying to keep your seasonings from becoming a hot mess while throwing together a weeknight meal between piano lessons and karate practice. Sound like your life? I feel ya, girl. But before you give up on ever having a clean spice cabinet, let me show you what I did with my own seasonings to make dinner prep way easier.

DIY Spice Jar Labels

I realized that the bottles I had were all different. Some were short, some were tall, some were fat, others were skinny, some glass, some plastic, and a few had lids that straight up sucked. Not to mention the labels were also very different, which made looking for the cumin a little difficult. (Random side note, cumin sprinkled on sweet potato fries before roasting is AMAZE-BALLS)

So to make things easier to see and find, I decided I should take a note from the fancy tea store I visit monthly and put them all in clear identical jars. I’d be able to see exactly what’s inside and how much of it I have left before I need to restock. So I ordered these jars from Amazon (they had the best reviews) and two days later I was ready to rock and roll.

**I so wish I had a ‘before’ picture for you, but I guess I got excited about clearing out the drawer, and I forgot the pic. Forgive me. #bloggerfail

spice jar labels with cricut maker

Supply List:

Cricut Project Level:

  • Beginner Project
  • 1-2 Hours
  • Minimal Supplies

Prep Work

First, I washed all the jars and lids in warm soapy water and allowed them to air-dry for 72 hours. I wanted to make sure there was absolutely no moisture whatsover inside that would damage my herbs and spices. I also wanted to make sure there was no soapy film or residue on the outside, because I planned on using vinyl labels.

Vinyl + Slippery Residue = Waste Of Good Cricut Materials.

When I was ready to get started, I set up shop on my dining room table. I grabbed a pad of Post-It notes, a pen, a sheet of paper, and a few plastic funnels. (I tried a silicone funnel first, do not do that. Bad idea.)

Cricut labels for spice jars

Fill The Jars First

I know it seems like you should put the labels on first, but despite using a funnel, you’re still going to make a bit of a mess with some of the spices, and you don’t want them getting all over your pretty new labels, so I suggest filling them first. That’s where the post-it notes come in. As you’re filling the jars, write down the contents on the post-it and stick it to the jar.

You’ll also want to write the name of the spice/seasoning on a sheet of paper so you can use it as a master list when you get into Design Space.

**Extra Tip: Before you trash each manufacturer’s container, use a washable paint pen to write the expiration date on the bottom of your new glass bottle. That way you can keep up with when to toss the contents and refill it, and you can just wash off the old date and write a new one.

Cricut labels for spice jars

Create Your Labels

If you bought the exact same jars I used (these jars from Amazon) then I made it super easy on you. You can use my exact template of words that are already sized to fit those jars. Just be sure that if you’re changing any of the words, the total length doesn’t exceed 2.9 inches. I had to make a few words smaller so they’d fit.

If you bought different jars, you can either use my Design Space template and just readjust the sizes, or you can create a new custom template however you want.

**Update August 2020: The font I originally used has been discontinued by Cricut. I have updated the template with a very similar font and adjusted the sizing.

After you’ve typed out all the words you need for your labels, just cut with your Cricut machine, weed, and prep them for transfer.

*TIP: After you change any text in Design Space, highlight all labels at once and click ATTACH so they cut in the same layout they are on the screen. If not, you’ll have a really hard time cutting each individual word out.

Cricut Spice Jar Labels

Adhere Labels

Now that your labels are ready to be transferred, you can work one-by-one to replace the post-it label you stuck on with your new vinyl label.

I definitely think using removable vinyl is best, because your cooking spice needs may change over time, and you may find that you need to replace the dried parsley with a more versatile Italian seasoning blend to save space. You can just scrape off the label and cut a new one. Since it’s a glass jar, it should come off fairly easily.

spice jar labels made with Cricut Maker

Organize Alphabetically

This is totally optional, but highly recommended. There’s a reason grocery stores keep their spices and seasonings stored alphabetically. They’re easier and faster to find. And since all your jars look the same now, having them in alphabetical order will make finding the celery salt a snap. (See what I did there? Vegetable joke.)

Cricut Maker spice jar labels

Want To Organize Your Spices Like A Pro?

Check out this blog post to see how I recommend to turn your hurricane-swept spice cabinet into a magazine photo-worthy organized cooking hub.

And when you finish your project, I want to see it! Post your Cricut label projects on Instagram with #lelaimorganizedish and tag me @lelaburris so I can give you a well-deserved shout-out and inspire more busy mamas to break out her Cricut machine again.


  1. I love these labels but every-time I try to edit the name of a label it squishes the letters all together?
    any recommendations to fix this?

    • Lela Burris

      Design space glitches sometimes when you change the text. All you need to do is adjust the spacing to fix it back. 🙂

  2. How did you weed just small font? I struggle with this. Do you have tips?

    • The weeding tool and a magnifying glass on a stand is very helpful for tiny font. I also recommend the light board Cricut sells if you weed a lot of small font often, but don’t buy it unless you’ll be using it a lot.

      You’ll see some people recommend using a lint roller…don’t do that. It rarely works, especially on small words, and you’ll lose a lot of letters.

  3. Great idea! My spice cabinet is horrible! Those bottles are a great price too! Thanks for sharing. Love your spice drawer.

    • Brad - Admin

      Thank you, Mel! Cheap, crafty, and gorgeous is never a bad combination. I’m thrilled that you liked it.

  4. This looks incredible… I think have to try, thanks for sharing

    • Brad - Admin

      You’re welcome. It’s definitely worth it once you realize that you’re overspending on spices and seasonings, and it’s an easy project to start organizing a kitchen without tackling it all at once.

  5. Rae Finnie

    Thank you , thank you !!!!!! I had already ordered spice jars and they just came in the mail today. So I started searching for labels and this is SO SO SOOO WONDERFUL. I didn’t love the labels that came with the jars so this file is uber helpful!

    • Rae Finnie

      *the jars and with labels and I didn’t love them … but yours are fantastic

    • Brad - Admin

      That’s exactly why we make the files public, Rae! We love to make it easy on people, so now all you have to do is enjoy your perfectly organized spices (and your friends’ reactions!)

  6. Can you tell me what font you used here? Thanks!

    • Lela Burris

      Hi! The font I used was a Cricut font but it has since been discontinued. Your best bet for a similar font now would be Tuesday.

    • The font is Gill Sans Condensed. I dowloaded it for free online and put it into photoshop to create more labels. Kinda hard when I made half my spice jars back in January with this font and wanted to add more because I have tons of spices. Found a fix!

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