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7 Ways To Store Cricut Pens And Markers

These seven creative ways to store your Cricut pens and markers will suit any budget and craft area, while helping them last longer at the same time.

If there’s one Cricut tool we crafters just can’t have enough of, it’s pens and markers. Especially now that Cricut Joy is out, so our pen collections have basically doubled. I have tried multiple ways to store my own Cricut writing tools, and advised so many virtual clients of other creative ways, so I’ve got quite a few tricks up my sleeve. Today I’m rounding up my best seven Cricut pen storage ideas so you can choose the option that works best for you.

Cricut Pen And Marker Storage Ideas

store cricut pens in caddy

1. Divided Caddy. You can pick up a divided caddy from the dollar store, Target Dollar Spot, Walmart, and pretty much anywhere dorm supplies are sold. You can up  the design game by making cute labels with your Cricut for the pen caddy.

Clorox wipe storage container DIY

2. Upcycled Tube Container. I made these cute pen and marker containers using old disinfectant wipe bottles, and they are so perfect for Cricut markers. You can use leftover vinyl you have on hand, and your Cricut TruControl knife to pull off this project for free.

cricut pen storage in craft cart

3. Craft Cart. For almost a year, I kept all my Cricut pens and markers inside the top drawers of my craft cart. I divided them up by color and category inside cheap basket organizers from Walmart. (Wanna see what else I keep in this cart? Go here!)

cricut pen storage on pegboard

4. Pegboard Cups. One of my favorite ways to store my most-often used Cricut pens is inside a cup on the pegboard at my crafting desk. The pegboard and cups are from Ikea, and are super affordable.

organize cricut pens in stacked containers

5. Stacking Containers. These stacking containers just so happen to be exactly the right length for the Cricut pens and markers to fit in. I mean exactly. And they’re ridiculously cheap, too, at $2 per container. I found them at Target in the bathroom storage aisle. And I made the labels using chalkboard vinyl and a chalk marker.

infusible ink markers in storage pouch

6. Zipper Pouch. I LOVE the new Infusible Ink blank 3 piece cosmetic bag set from Cricut, and they are the perfect size for holding all your writing tools. They’re especially great if you craft with friends and sometimes take your Cricut on the go. You can pop the bag of markers right into your purse.

cricut pens and markers in cube shelving

7. Specialty Cube Shelving Inserts. I recently added some Ikea Kallax units to my new studio, and I splurged on these pen/marker inserts from Stamp and Storage. They make storing and finding the writing tools I need super fast and easy.

Want More Cricut Storage Ideas?

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  1. Great ideas and I love your site. 🙂 The craft cart caught my attention as I have been hunting for one like this for ages. I saw them just before Christmas and then ….. none.

    Thanks again.

    Sue – Create With Sue

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