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Ask Lela: Letting Go Of Nostalgic Collectibles

“How do I physically & mentally part w/nostalgic collectibles? At this time they are just stored in boxes on shelves. Unfortunately I am not a decorator & I don’t rotate them into my home decors. I kinda wish I did but I don’t & I have been trying to become a minimalist for the last several years. Your thoughts & help are appreciated.”


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Are Collectibles Collecting Space and Dust?

I completely understand where you’re coming from. Nostalgic collectibles and sentimental items are the hardest to organize because they carry the most guilt. You love minimalism and clean lines with less dust, but you also can’t bear the thought of the house losing a piece of you or someone you love.

This question is something I struggle with in most homes, including my own, so I wanted to show you in video form how I organize my own collections. (Spoiler alert: I don’t get rid of anything if I don’t want to.) I still have all the memories, my keepsakes are safely secured, and I get to see everything.

My Tips for Collectibles


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To Recap…

  1. Get your mindset right before your start organizing, not while you’re doing it.
  2. Choose your absolute favorites to be stored somewhere special, but not in the attic.
  3. If you can’t pick favorites, split them up into seasonal groups.

See? You can still keep everything you love, but you can give them a place they deserve too.

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how to part with nostalgic collectibles


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