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Styling Tips

How The Pros Shop At Thrift Stores

So how are you supposed to find something that checks all those boxes? I introduce to you, The Thrift Store. Yep, it’s not just grandma’s curio cabinet and kids’ outgrown sweaters anymore. As people are becoming more environmentally conscious, they’re getting into the habit of donating furniture and decor instead of just throwing it away. This gives good quality, well-built, unique furniture a chance at a second [third, fourth, or even fifth] life.

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Styling Tips

Add Character To Your Home

Updated 4/21/2018 If you watch HGTV or DIY network, you hear the word “character” quite often. The word has such a broad meaning, and these days, it often gets overused which lessens its relevance in home design. Character is what defines your home as a one-of-a-kind building. Something special that…