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Peek Into Target’s New Project 62 Line

Target Project 62

Project 62

Target has done it again, and this time they’ve really brought their A Game. Target just launched it’s Project 62 line and it’s to die for. It officially went live yesterday, September 19th, and you better believe I was on the computer all evening and drooling all over my keyboard. And shopping. I was definitely shopping. This new line is right up my alley, packed full of mid century modern pieces, industrial designs, and luxe glamorous accents. The clean lines and loads of textures and materials make for the coziest home imaginable. You can literally redo your entire house with these pieces and nothing will ever go out of style.

Budget Friendly Home Decor At Its Best

Keeping with their brand, Target hasn’t changed it’s pricing for the Project 62 line either. The pieces in this 1200+ item collection are super affordable and resemble pricing of their popular Threshold line. From bowls and barware at $3 (yes, three dollars!), gorgeous artwork at $24, and accent furniture starting at $70, you’ll still enjoy the same Target quality without breaking the bank. Not only are these pieces affordable, but a lot of them are multipurpose, stretching your dollars even further. Duvet covers are reversible, giving you essentially two separate bedding linens in one. Throw pillows are so versatile you can switch them out from room to room. And the accent chairs and tables can literally go anywhere.

 Mid Century Modern Influence

I’m a lifetime lover of Mid Mod style, but oh my goodness, mid century furniture is expensive! I just want to go to Target’s headquarters and hug everybody. Mid Century Modern furniture is finally within reach for everyone! The furniture pieces Project 62 brings to the table look like they belong in a West Elm catalog. The 12 links above are some of my absolute favorites, and I’m very positive these pieces are going to sell out incredibly fast. But not too fast, y’all better let me stock up first!

 Industrial Artsy Lines

I’m pretty sure these industrial pieces will actually make my husband not sigh of boredom while strolling ever-so-slowly through the home section of Target. He’s got major heart eyes for the industrial look. The shiny black metal, the clean lines, the masculinity, and the dark but cool vibe sum up his design style to the T. Project 62 didn’t fail to deliver a masculine side, and they delivered it right. This whole collection makes me want to buy a chic loft apartment in a big city and deck it out into the ultimate man cave. My luck though, the hub and son wouldn’t let me in.

 Soft Luxe Femininity

Project 62 didn’t forget about the ladies either. There’s a ton of blush pink (one of the season’s hottest colors, by the way), marbled stone, and gold accents to outfit the swankiest bachelorette pad. Yes, I said swanky. I know no one says that anymore…I’m bringing it back. These swanky pieces bring out your inner girly girl and would make a swoonworthy #girlboss office. I can totally see myself in a room outfitted with the twelve items above, lounging in that comfy chair, sipping a glass of champagne with a fig scented candle burning and Nora Jones calmly jamming out on my Echo.  Oops, sorry, I dozed off into dreamland for a minute. I was awoken to cats fighting, the kitchen timer going off, and the faint screams of “Mooommmmmm” in the background.

 Get Them While They Last

If you’re an avid Target shopper (and if you’re not, get out from under that rock!) then you know these fantabulous pieces won’t last long. Target collections sell out quickly, and Project 62 won’t be an exception. In fact, the collection launched yesterday online, it’s not even in all of the stores yet, and things are already moving at lightening speed. If this is what Target has to show for their first new line in a while, I can’t wait for the next three that are coming soon. In the meantime, grab what you love while you can! All the photos in this post are shoppable and link directly to the site. Now go buy your house some jewelry. And share what you got on Instagram and tag me @inthenewhouse. I’d love to see how you style your newbs!

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