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The Printable Tax Prep Organizer Is Here

First of all, how is it already February? And how is it Tax Time already, too?! We’re only a month into 2019 and it seems like the year is moving SO fast! I know you’re feeling it too, especially when you opened your mailbox and found those W2s greeting you with the reminder that it’s about to get stressful up in here! Whether you anticipate a refund or you’re just hoping you can break even, Tax Time can be overwhelming for everyone. But I got you, girl. I’ve got something that can help your Tax prep go as smoothly as possible, and send you in and out of your accountant’s office in no time.

Printable Tax Prep Organizer Kit

Printable Tax Prep Organizing Kit

A while ago I launched my ‘baby’ the HERO to help busy working moms just like you get their home info organized and stored all in one safe place. It started as something I just used on my own, and has grown into a full-blown brand of printable Home Organizing kits. Since that first Starter Kit, I’ve added some awesome expansion packs (cleverly called Sidekicks, shout-out to my brother Brad, the brains behind the HERO brand name) to help manage not only your home, but your kid’s school stuff, your vacations, upcoming parties, and even your Holiday season.

But don’t think I stopped there. We recently launched our shop on Etsy, and today I’m so excited to share with you the limited time Tax Prep Kit. This kit is only available from February through April, and it’s a rockstar of a kit, lemme tell ya!

printable tax prep kit

What’s Inside?

Honestly, I created this kit with myself in mind. I’ve tried all the tax filing alternatives, from Accountants to tax-filing “chain stores” to online filing programs. What I found throughout the years of testing the options was that no matter how I filed, the prep was always the same. And I was always missing something.

Inside the Tax Prep Organizing Kit, I’ve covered all the bases of what a working family with kiddos needs to gather up for Tax Time. I also included some specialty info for all you Side-Hustlers and Rental Property Owners out there. Because I totally get it. Your 9-5 may not pay the bills, or maybe you just love talking to like-minded women online about coffee and denim and dogs and cats and you do it during your off-time just for fun. (Wait, that’s me…) Either way, this kit is for YOU, mama!


  • Tax Document Envelope Details Cover Page
  • Family Tax Document Checklist
  • Home Business/Secondary Income Tax Document Checklist
  • Blank Checklist For Additional Items
  • To-Do List
  • Tax Return Budget Planner
  • Important Contacts (Pre-filled Headings)
  • Important Contacts (Blank For Family-Specific)
  • Reminders For Next Year
  • How To Use The Tax Prep Kit Tutorial Page

how to organize tax documents

How To Rock This Kit

Unlike the other HERO Printable Organizing Kits, I don’t recommend binding this kit in a binder or notebook. Why? Because that big stack of “Tax Documents Inside” mail that’s piled up on your kitchen counter doesn’t need to be on your counter!

This kit is best used by stapling to the front of a large envelope or folder. I like using the cheap-o brown oversized envelopes that have the clasps on the back. Sure, it’s not cute, but it fits in my filing cabinet. And my stuff doesn’t fall out. And taxes aren’t cute anyway. Unless you’ve got a really handsome accountant…

HERO Home Organizer by Lela Burris

Once it’s stapled to the envelope or folder, you can just add in the documents as you receive them, and check them off the list as you go. I keep mine in my mail station by the kitchen. As I bring in mail, I can automatically put tax stuff straight in the envelope, so nothing is going to get misplaced.

There’s also pages to add in your to-do lists and reminders, plan for how you’ll budget your income tax return, keep up with important contacts and account info, and make notes for next year.

Once you’ve filed and finished, you can put the whole envelope, pages and all, into your filing cabinet to store away. This makes it really easy to reference if needed, and is so much better than that mid-year freak out when you can’t find that income statement anywhere.

tax documents stored in command center

How To Get Your Hands On The Tax Prep Kit

First you have to do forty nine burpees, then climb a jungle gym, then get the golden ticket from a candy bar, then… I’m totally kidding. I know I lost you at forty nine burpees. I lost myself at forty nine burpees. Hell, I lost myself at one burpee.

You can grab the HERO Tax Prep Organizing Kit Sidekick exclusively in my Etsy shop Organized-ish. It’s a limited edition printable kit and is officially available today for only $6! That’s the same price as your Venti Mocha Latte with Almond Milk and No Whip. It’ll hang out in the Etsy shop until April 30, and it won’t be back again until 2020. But bonus for you, because you only have to download it once! You can save it to your computer or cloud account and reprint every single year.

And it’s an instant download, so you don’t even have to wait. Seriously, don’t wait. I know that stack of W2s and 1099s on your kitchen counter are there. Please put them in an envelope in a safe place before the tomato sauce explosion of 2019 hits your house and destroys any chance of a refund you had. Okay, you’ll still get your refund, but you will have to call Karen from HR to get another W2 sent. And she’ll spend 45 minutes telling you about her experience with the January Juice Cleanse. Nobody’s got time for that…

printable home organizer

Share Your HERO Photos

Once you’ve got your Tax Prep Kit all printed up and put together in a way that works for you, I want to see! Show me all the creative ways you’re using your Tax Prep Kit, as well as your other HERO kits! Upload your photos to Instagram with #lelaimorganizedish and I’ll give you a shout-out for being a rockstar of a Working Woman!

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