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How To Set Up A Bathroom For Overnight Guests

We don’t have a guest bedroom or guest bathroom (aside from a half-bath downstairs) in our house, so when overnight guests come to visit, we have to get a little creative on carving out space for them. We typically have the guests sleep upstairs in Noah’s room, and we just put away all the toys and change the bedding to a more grown-up style. (Noah sleeps on the fold-out bed in the sofa in the living room during that time.)

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But the bathroom upstairs is very “pre-teen boy” because Noah’s really the only one who uses it. So I typically spend about 30 minutes making some easy switcharoos before guests arrive so they feel comfortable and welcomed to have a bathroom space of their own.


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I’ve gotten pretty good at making these changes quickly, so I thought I’d share exactly what I do so you can copy it if you don’t have a guest bathroom either.


Transforming A Kid’s Bathroom To A Guest Bathroom In One Afternoon

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1. Put Away The Personal Stuff

I have a container in the bathroom closet with Noah’s name on it, and when guests stay overnight, I put all of his stuff in that container.

It makes him feel good about knowing his personal belongings aren’t out in the open for guests to see, but he’s still able to access them easily. And it keeps guests from feeling as if they’re invading someone else’s bathroom.

2. Switch Out Decor

When guests come over, I try to make the bathroom a little more personality-neutral so I switch the shower curtain out to a nice hotel-worthy fabric, I change out the artwork, and I add plants and candles to make it feel welcoming.

I never buy these items, I just shop my house for decor I can use and replace them after guests leave. Noah’s existing bathroom decor goes in a bin in a storage closet so I can put it back up later.

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3. Put Out The Good Stuff

A preteen boy cares nothing about nice towels and fancy lotions, but those things make guests feel extra special. A day before the guests arrive, I replace the existing hand soap, lotions, hand towels, bath towels, wash cloths, and bath mat with something a little more luxurious.


I also like to put a few fun bathroom books in a basket by the toilet. Books that have funny quotes, short stories, and comics are always a good choice. My faves are All Black Cats Are Not Alike, Strange Planet, Where The Sidewalk Ends, and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.

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4. Think Of *Everything*

Packing is hard. There’s so much to remember, especially when you’re staying at someone else’s home instead of a hotel, because there isn’t a lobby to call when you forget your toothbrush.

Be the World’s Best Hostess by stocking the bathroom with trial-sized supplies for anything and everything they may need. And don’t forget to stash a hair dryer and iron/steamer, too, just in case.

Make sure you label everything, because people always feel uncomfortable having to look through containers and bins on their own. I labeled my containers with Cricut Joy Smart Labels, and you can see the full tutorial of how to use them here.

For a second beginner-friendly way to Cricut Joy labels (plus vinyl, Iron-On, and paper crafts), read My Exact Guide To The New Cricut Joy App.

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I like to put all this in a small bath caddy and leave it out for guests so they don’t have to look for anything. By leaving it out, they’re sure that it was left for them and they aren’t uncomfortable about using it.


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Items I leave out for guests:

-Shampoo & Conditioner
-Body Wash & Face Wash
-Shaving Cream & Disposable Razor
-Eyeglass Cleaner
-Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss, Mouthwash (I use the stuff I get in the goodie bag from my dentist)
-Stain Remover (the Tide pen is my go-to)
Mini Hair Dryer & Portable Clothing Steamer
-Tampons & Pads
-Tweezers & Nail Clippers

I also make sure I stock the bathroom with an abundance of toilet paper, a toilet cleaning brush, a plunger, and extra trash bags. Because it’s so embarrassing to ask for those.

small guest bathroom storage

Want More Guest Bathroom Tips?

Here’s another post I wrote on how to prep a bathroom before hosting a party at your house. It covers all the things you should have in a guest bathroom, specifically a hall or half bath, that guests use when they come over for brief get-togethers.

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