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Ten Tips For A Stress-less Thanksgiving

Learn how to host Thanksgiving without being a big ball of stress with these 10 helpful tips.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Not just because of the gigantic amount of food I consume, but because of the whole day’s activities. My family comes from different cities and states to gather together for a day of gratitude. We reflect on the good (and not-so-good) moments of the year and find thankfulness for our experiences.

When I’m planning the event, I try not to go over-the-top. I like to keep Thanksgiving simple. No need to go all out with décor and crazy menus. I stick with what my family loves, incorporate a few new ideas, and let the time spent together be the center of the day.

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a super-stressful day where frazzled people run around a kitchen aimlessly while trying to carve a turkey, check the bread, bartend, and entertain a hungry three-year-old all at once. I’ve compiled ten of my best entertaining tips to guarantee a [somewhat] smooth Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Plan Ahead 

Utilize make-ahead recipes to free up a little time. Also, when making your menu, think about how much oven space you have and the cooking times and temps everything needs. You may need to tweak your choices based on these factors.

My Printable Holiday Planner Kit inside the Organized-ish Binder Kit Collection is perfect for getting all your thoughts in order for the big day.

2. Serve Snacks

Not only does this keep guests from having uncomfortable growling stomachs, it also helps cut down on meal volume. If guests snack on appetizers, they won’t need as much for dinner. That means you can buy a smaller turkey and make less servings of side dishes.

Snacks don’t have to be elaborate. Just a cheese and cracker tray and a bowl of roasted pecans will keep them happy.

3. Have A Designated Kid Entertainer

Preferably someone who doesn’t have any cooking duties. Make sure they are armed with an array of activities to keep kids from getting bored. My favorite kid-friendly Turkey Day time fillers (and great printables) are:

Color By Number

Scavenger Hunt

Pin The Feathers On The Turkey Game

thanksgiving hosting tips

4. Allow Yourself To Say “Yes”

Oftentimes when we have guests over, we insist that they sit down, relax, and leave the work to the host. But in all reality, our guests really do want to help. Save yourself the argument and just let them help.

When someone asks what they can do, give them a small task. They will feel like they are a part of the event more if they can contribute.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Cut Corners

Store-bought sides, bread, and desserts are super delicious and trust me, no one will be offended. Save a little time and buy a few dishes from your local grocery deli. You’ll be little less stressed and free up space in your oven and stove for your homemade dishes.

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6. Have A Toast 

Make a big bowl of punch that can be enjoyed by all ages. Keep a few bottles of alcoholic add-ins for the adults. That way you don’t spend the day playing bartender.

When the time is right, make sure everyone has a drink and take turns sharing thankful thoughts. The kids will enjoy being included in the cup-clanking.

7. Skip The Fancy Centerpieces

I know, I know…coming from the person who lives to create centerpieces and design floral arrangements…but hear me out. Put your centerpiece ideas to good use by decorating the buffet with them instead. The open space on the table can house the rolls, butter, gravy, and cranberry sauce. It seems more sensible to have these staples at arms reach than a vase of flowers and branches.

If you really want a centerpiece, try one of these alternatives that are super easy to put together.

thanksgiving prep ideas

8. Personalize Something

Whether it’s small pumpkins with guests names on them, leaves from the yard with monogrammed initials, or just a simple place card made from scrapbook paper, a personalized spot makes your guests feel like you took the extra time to consider them individually.

It also avoids the 10 minute discussion/argument on who sits where. You know what I mean…my family can’t be the only one that does this…

My favorite place saver was from a couple of years ago. I asked guests a week in advance for 10 things that made their heart smile. I printed their answers on photos of them smiling or laughing. It was such a sentimental gesture that they were talking about for months.

9. Send Home Leftovers

You can buy these styrofoam to-go boxes to make cleanup even easier and avoid refrigerator overload. It also saves you from having to send food home with guests in your good Tupperware in hopes that maybe one day you will see it again.

thanksgiving tips for hosting
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10. The Fun Doesn’t Stop After Dessert 

Play a fun game of Thanksgiving Pictionary.  Print out these topics, cut them out, fold them up, and drop in a bowl (or Pilgrim hat if you really want to play up the theme). Split into two teams and take turns choosing a topic and drawing. The other players guess and earn points for their team with correct answers. The losing team has kitchen cleanup duty while the winners get to relax and recline.

You can also break out your board game collection and knock the dust off those 8-10+ player games that never get played because you never have enough people.

What are your best Thanksgiving Tips to make the day go smoothly? I’d love to hear what works for you! Share your comments below.

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