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You clicked there, you little rebel! I knew I’d like you. Thanks for taking a break from cat videos and hilarious dance fails to see what I’m all about. I’ll keep this short and sweet, because honestly, I’m probably watching cat videos and dads dancing right now, too.

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My name’s Lela, say it like LEE-luh. I’m a professional organizer and a hard-core crafter. (Yeah, I laughed as I typed that.) My TikTok is full of organizing and crafting ideas, inspo, and a little nonsense, and you’ll find more of that on my blog.

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I write awkwardly sarcastic stuff here as I teach you how to be Organized-ish at home, and I don’t let you fall for the BS magazine photos of “organized” spaces that are actually just staged photoshoots. I share real organization for real women.

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If you’re down with real talk, organizing hacks, escapes to my dreamy (and always messy) craft room, Cricut tutorials for beginners, and the occasional art of photobombing from my zoo of animals, drop your email below and I’ll keep in touch so you know what’s happening over here.

Because in the world of TikTok, you’ll forget about me in 1.5 secs after an adorable cat leaves you on a cliffhanger, wondering if she really fell into the tub or saved herself. (I HATE those Oh No vids. I need to have closure!)

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