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What Really Goes Under The Kitchen Sink? (And What Doesn’t?)

If you take a look under your kitchen sink, what will you find? And how much of it actually belongs in the kitchen? Let’s be real, how much of it actually even belongs in your house at all? Unless you’ve got a massive showroom kitchen, you’re probably short on storage space, and every single inch of cabinetry counts. So why waste that precious space on stuff that shouldn’t be there in the first place?

But what goes under the sink and what doesn’t? Although this is a very personal preference, and I can’t even start to tell you what will work for you own family and home, I can share with you some guidelines on Under-Sink Best Practices.

What Belongs Under The Kitchen Sink

  • Kitchen cleaners and chemicals (behind a child-proof lock if you have young Littles)
  • Dish detergents and soaps
  • Extra sponges and dish washing gloves
  • Small fire extinguisher

Extra Things You Can Keep Under The Kitchen Sink

  • Dish towels and rags
  • Small trash can
  • Flower vases (limit to one or two universal ones)
  • Trash bags
  • Cleaning Caddy (don’t have one? Here’s how to build one!)

Things You Should NEVER Store Under the Kitchen Sink

  • Anything that could be damaged due to a leaky faucet
  • Pet food/treats (humidity can cause them to mold)
  • Small appliances
  • Paint cans and spray paint
  • Insecticides
  • Light bulbs

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Weigh In

What do you keep under your kitchen sink? And is it organized to it’s full potential? Let’s start a good chat in the comments section below!


  1. Wow! Thank for sharing this article with us. I love your ideas!

  2. Looks great! Like a breeze came through and refreshed the area. Really like that you got rid of cardboard box. I no longer use them as they seem unsanitary.

    • Brad - Admin

      Thanks, Mathew! That’s a great way to think of the entire process, and yes, we wanted something much more permanent and finished than cardboard, because we honestly don’t have the patience to do 50 different organizing projects at once in the same house.

  3. I installed an organizer under my sink so that I can put there my pans. I have a space for my trash can too! But, love these ideas!

    • Lela Burris

      Oh I love the pan organizers for inside cabinets, and that’s really smart of you to put them under the sink! There’s much more room there than other cabinets. Good thinking!

  4. I place a trash can under the sink all the time. I recently moved into an apartment with a small kitchen so space is pretty much limited. The area under the sink accommodates my small stainless steel trash can. It’s such a convenient place to keep garbage out of site!

    • Lela Burris

      That’s perfect! I love that you keep your trash can out of view. We do this too and it’s been a total gamechanger!

  5. Great !! Excellent presentation. Thanks for sharing.

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