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The Installation Man Made Me Do It

Under Sink Organization

Y’all, look at that dishwasher.

I’m pretty sure it’s the prettiest hunk of steel I’ve ever seen.

Aside from Superman.

(Mothers of boys will get that joke. Ha!)

My old one just kept going downhill so the Hub took me on a shopping date and we picked out this beauty.

Totally customizable and adjustable, tons of settings, and a third row rack.

It’s like a top of the line SUV.


The installation man called on his way and said he needed a favor.

He needed me to clean out from under my sink.

Um…uh oh.

I hurried to grab a box and just stuffed everything under there inside it.

Guys, it was bad.

Messy Kitchen Sink Cabinet

I keep all my cleaners in my Cleaning Caddy and store it in my laundry closet so I don’t really need to keep a lot under the sink.

Just some flower vases and jars, dish washing supplies, and paper towels.

Somehow, five trays, a cupcake carrying case, and paint brushes ended up here.

Along with a scarecrow, a cat toy, and an extension cord.

Don’t ask me how. I have no idea.

Lay a waterproof contact paper base under kitchen sink cabinets

So after my brand new beautiful dish washing best friend got installed, I took advantage of the empty cabinet.

I hung the extra length of the water line with a Command hook and lined the bottom with waterproof contact paper.

I saw the cutest little under-cabinet racks and organizers on Pinterest, but they just didn’t seem realistic to me.

Who needs a tiny trash can that slides in and out? I have a big trash can.

Who needs all kinds of shelves and cubbies when all the cleaning stuff is in the laundry room?

And who needs a chalkboard painted on the inside of the door?

Pretty sure I’m not going to squat down to write something way down there.

Metal baskets are perfect for corraling under sink essentials

So I did it the real world way.

Metal baskets.

These babies ranged from two to eight dollars at the Dollar General and are pretty heavy duty.

Perfect for holding kitchen stuff.

Metal baskets under kitchen sink

I put the vases and jars in the back, then filled the baskets with my supplies in the front.

The handles make it easy to remove them and the baskets can easily be rearranged and refilled as my stock changes.

Reorganize under the kitchen sink with metal baskets

Maybe it’s not gorgeous.

But it’s functional.

And clean.

And after all, that’s what we really want when it comes to cabinets.

So thank you Dishwasher Delivery Man.

Without you, I probably wouldn’t have cleaned up under the sink for at least another year.

How To Organize Under The Kitchen Sink The Real Way Not The Pretty way


  1. To do jobs like this does require inspiration!

  2. Oh my goodness! I totally need to do this. If the installation man came to my house and asked me to clean under my sink I would be pretty scared about what I’d find under there! I’m in “spring cleaning” mode right now, slowly going through every closet and nook and cranny. You just reminded me of another place to add to the list! 😉 Love the metal basket idea so you can still see what’s inside of them!

    • Haha, Laura that just made me laugh. I’m sure they’ve seen much worse than both of ours combined. Good luck with your spring cleaning!

  3. What perfect timing, Lela! We just started looking at appliances today and will be looking at a few more places over the next couple of days. We’re going to replace ALL of our kitchen appliances, including the dishwasher. Thanks for the heads up about cleaning out under the sink.

    • Carol this LG with the extra top rack is amazing. Definitely check it out. It is so quiet you can’t even tell it is running.

  4. Sandra gandy

    so funny, and under the cabinet looks great.

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