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20 Ideas For New Habits You Can Start Today

Let’s face it. New Year’s Resolutions are hard to keep. There, I said it, so you don’t have to. We put all this time and effort into coming up with a resolution that will change our lives and make us the woman we’ve always wanted to be. But by January 15th, we’ve already fallen off the wagon and there’s no looking back. At least until next January when we try to start all over again.

This year I want to challenge you to give up the major lifestyle changing resolutions and instead work on building one new habit at a time. If your overall goal is to lose weight, don’t make that major resolution to lose 100 pounds by June. Not only is that crazy, but pretty disappointing when you fall short. But what if you implemented a new habit of making one healthy choice a day for a month? And when that habit forms, you build another habit of making two healthy choices per day, and so on.

Ditch The Big Resolutions

Here’s the deal Girlfriend. Huge goals never work. But little tiny ones do. And a bunch of tiny achievable goals eventually pave the road to that big goal. So this year I’m giving you permission to ditch the resolutions. Don’t even let that word slip out of your mouth. Instead, commit to building one new habit, completely and fully, until it’s engraved in your day-to-day life. Then, and only then, will you add another new habit.

20 healthy habit ideas you can start today

Need some inspiration? Here’s 20 ideas for new habits you can start right now with absolutely zero dollars and zero cents, and just a little bit of your time each day. They’re easy to stick with, completely obtainable, and lead the way to big results in the future. And when you find one that works for you, *grab my free printable habit tracker to help you stay focused.

20 Ideas For New Habits You Can Start Today

  1. Don’t look at your phone for the first hour of the day
  2. Check email *only* twice daily
  3. Write down one good thing that happened each day in a calendar
  4. Put things back where you got them when finished
  5. Implement the “One In, One Out” rule
  6. Make a daily To-Do list
  7. Take 5 minutes of silence every day
  8. Get up 30 minutes earlier
  9. Create a bedtime routine
  10. Give one compliment a day to someone you encounter
  11. 5 Minute Daily Declutter session
  12. Make one healthy choice a day
  13. Choose a further parking spot
  14. Trade one sugary drink for water
  15. Wipe counters every night
  16. 15 minutes of 100% presence with family
  17. Pack lunches or snacks before bedtime
  18. Use the auto timer on your coffee maker
  19. Start using a planner
  20. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Time To Get Real

Whether your big dreams involve being more healthy, more organized, more present, or just a little less stressed, mastering just one habit at a time will get you to that big goal way faster than trying to uproot your entire life all at once.

When you’ve settled on your first new habit, grab my free printable habit tracker to help you stay focused and make that new habit of yours stick. I even added a fun little prize incentive section to make you feel motivated to stay on track.

Shout Your New Habit Goals To The Rooftops!

So now’s your turn to make it internet official! Drop your first new habit in the comments below, whether it’s one I listed or one of your own. Just saying it out load for the whole internet to see makes it so much more likely that you’ll keep it up, rather than hiding it in your own head. Bonus points if you tell a friend or family member to keep you accountable. Heck, email me if you want. I’ll bug you weekly to make sure you’re not slacking. Haha!


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