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7 Apps That Help You Rock Your Family Vacation

Discover seven apps that can help you plan, pack, entertain, and explore on your next family vacation.

Planning a relaxing week-long family getaway? Great! Bring your phone.

My phone?

Yes, my cabin fever friend, your phone. Busy moms like you dream of ditching that annoying work email or friend who can’t seem to wrap up a conversation, but that lifeline in your pocket is just as full of apps that can help you forget every care in the world and make real memories while you’re away. These seven just happen to be on my must-have list, and they range from $0 to $3.


Free, iOS/Android

Figuring out where to go is the easy part, but when to go (and how not to go broke in the process)? Yeah, not so much. Hopper sends notifications to your phone when ideal flight and hotel prices come around for anywhere on your trip list. Get the app by clicking the big blue button on their site.


Free, iOS

This app uses your phone’s GPS to find kid-friendly attractions, events, and restaurants, even when on your way to your final destination. Trekaroo specializes in traveling with families, so all of the reviewers are fellow parents.

Mad Libs

Free, iOS/Android

Remember the hilarious fill-in-the-blank story books you had as a kid? Now, it’s an app (well, technically, a bunch of apps. There’s even one for adults now!) Each story asks your littles to choose a specified word, like a noun, number, or name of a person in the room, to make their own wacky themed stories. The results are usually hilarious, so this is a great boredom buster during long road trips.


Free, iOS/Android

If you or your kids have food allergies, this app will help keep your trip’s stories about what you’d love to eat again, not what you wish you hadn’t touched. It shows you a list of allergen-friendly spots with comprehensive safety scores and verified reviews for each listing. The app’s founder is a busy dad of seven children, three of whom have food allergies.


Free, iOS/Android

We all want to explore a city like a local someday, so why not hear directly from locals before you leave? Pick a city and what you’d like to do, and then this app shows you groups of locals (many of whom use the app to treat their kids to a fun day out) who can give you recommendations on how to make the most of their city.


Free, iOS/Android

Sometimes, the best way to get around a new city is when you are your own transportation. Not only does this app give you walking directions for when you see the same tree for the fourth time, it provides self-guided walking tours for exploration as you get from Point A to Point B. You can even create walking tours for your hometown to help future visitors.

Packing Pro

$2.99, iOS

It always happens, especially with kids. You forget something after you leave because you’re still using traditional pen and paper for your packing lists. This app allows you to create and categorize your own packing lists and even assign lists to different family members, so it’s super easy to keep track of. If you’re not sure what to bring, the app has an Expert List mode that creates a list for you based on your destination, trip duration, weather conditions, and travel group, so your list can be tailored for a kid-friendly or adults-only getaway.

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Time To Hit The Road!

Think about how much better that next trip is going to be already. You’ve packed perfectly, your kids are occupied, and everyone’s needs are taken care of, including your need to stop planning so much and have a sublime family vacation you’ve worked so hard for.

What are some of your go-to family travel apps? Let us know in the comments.

Ready To Plan Your Ultimate Family Vacation?

If some of these apps miss the mark for you, or you still prefer the pen and paper approach, grab our Printable Family Vacation Kit in our official Organized-ish shop. It’s got space for checklists, important contacts, and itineraries, and there’s even a section for you to log favorite memories when you get back.


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