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How To Fold Clothes Without A Flat Surface

Ever since the Marie Kondo show premiered on Netflix, people have been going crazy over folding clothes. Everyone all of a sudden realized how important it is to fold your clothes correctly to save space and prolong the life of your clothing. As someone who has been folding clothes that way long before anyone even knew who Marie was, I am SO happy that the world is catching on! But with all the tutorials and videos and blog posts swirling around the internet, people are stressing a bit. Why?

Because you may not always have a nice, big, flat surface to fold your perfect little shirt packets on. Well, I’m here to come to your rescue! Years on years ago, I was a retail store manager and we had 8 huge tables with mounds and mounds of folded clothes on them. And at 9pm when we locked the doors to the store, we would stand in the middle of the store and stare at what used to be folded clothes, but are now big piles of wadded up mess. There were clothes on the floor, under the tables, and hanging off the side of racks. And the “stacks” turned into mountains of graphic tees.

how to fold clothes while standing in small laundry room

So I can promise you the honest truth when I say that I became a freakin’ master at folding clothes. Because after 12 hours of dealing with teenie-boppers, I wanted to go home. 

We didn’t have any flat surfaces to fold on (hell, we didn’t even have a flat surface to put the stacks on because the tables were such disasters) so we all got really good at folding while standing. We used what we had, aka knees and chins, and were so fast that sometimes we would have races.

So in case you don’t have a great flat surface in your own home to do perfectly straight folds on your shirts and pants, here’s my video tutorial on how you can rock your clothes like a retail pro. No customer service skills necessary. 🙂

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